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Before and now, not after, there is no after.

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315 lbs of horrible vegan eating habits consisting of chips, oreos, and white pasta with a side of laziness.




Again, the fat kid on the end in the 2XL green shirt.




And now, here is a pic from two weeks ago at 198 pounds.




5 weeks ago





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Super great work, man. Proud of your success and you've got some awesome pecs and arms too.


Well done.


Thanks so much for sharing. This will serve as an outstanding inspiration for many!

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I had gotten down to 205 about a year and half to two years ago but that was pretty much skinny fat. I rode my road bike a lot and did some circuit training. So I am around the same weight but a much different physique. I fluctuated mostly between 210-235 for that time frame. Now I want to get to 190 with a low body fat.

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Very awesome man.


Stomach wise, unfortunately I'm guessing you spent a lot of time carry weight around (like myself) so that area will always be a pain to get right. It's where guys store most fat (when overweight) so the skin is going to become lose when you strip weight. I had the exact same issue, has helped becoming more bulky in a muscular sense


Be patient

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You have some good ink too. Is that a peacock? Tats look best on muscles, I'm trying to build my arms and legs a little so mine look even better. Props on the amazing transformation man!



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