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Newbie from Italy too!!


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Hi, I am a 31 year old Italian guy!I'm from north of Italy, between Turin and Milan.


I love bb and recently, my friend gibry tell me about veg world!


So, I'd like to know this, use it to improve in bb and in my life.


I'm talking about veg with my parents and my friends..there's a lot to speak..If you help to improve me, I'll diffuse this philosophy


...sorry 4 my bad english??!!

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Welcome to the group!


Great to have you here. And thanks to gibry for telling you about our community.


Awesome that you're discovering bodybuilding and the veg world. That is what we're all about.


There are others from Italy here too.


All the very best and welcome aboard!



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Haha every Italian that finds this forum apologizes for their English and all of them have perfectly good English. Welcome to the group! There is a lot to absorb in this forum and a lot of friendly people willing to share. My favorite section is the journals where you can see other people's workout routines and daily diets. Its also nice to keep your own to track your progress. Like I said there is a ton on here. Dig in, and don't be afraid to ask everyone questions. I learn things on here almost every day.



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