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World Instructor Training School? Respectable?

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WITS is way more legitimate than jokey certs like ACE, AFFA, AFPA, NETTA, ISSA, etc., but it is less respected than NSCA and ACSM. ACSM is the most legitimate certification. I am getting my ACSM certification now just to have something else to put on my resume, but I am still glad I did WITS through my local college. I had no problem getting personal training jobs at fitness centers with WITS. But ACSM is the gold standard.


WITS is legitimate, but not very well-known yet. Some local colleges partner with WITS to offer courses and certifications. I took a summer course through WITS and a local college and enjoyed the experience. The class was taught by a power-lifter with a PhD in exercise physiology. I really liked the fact that we got lots of class time and hands-on experience. Too many certifications these days are just study on your own at home with a book. We had lots of class time and lots of lab time. I had to complete a written exam (which was pretty difficult!), a practical / lab exam, an internship, and a CPR class to get certified through WITS.

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