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Any pre-made vegan shakes out there?

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Hi all!


My new job requires me to be out in the field (literally the desert) for up to 30 hours at a time, so pre-planning meals is very important. I have been taking Builder Bars out there, but the flavors are getting VERY old, and I am looking for a good pre-made vegan protein shake, like a vegan Muscle Milk. Does such a product exist (in the US)?

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I've been talking to some of our suppliers to convince them to create a good pre-made vegan protein shake in a bottle, but not much good news so far. Pure Advantage used to have their Vegan Complete formula in single-use bottles for taking on the go, but they stopped making those years ago and never brought them back. Only thing out there I've come across in ages is this:




16g protein, 40g carbs, 10g fat per bottle, it's not perfect, but if you need SOMETHING post-workout, it'll be of help. At the least, if you want to be crafty, you can dump a packet of Vega inside it and more than double the protein if need be, which I've done once or twice in a pinch


I've talked to the Svelte people about trying to do something with pea or brown rice protein instead, they said that getting proteins other than whey and soy into a fine enough stable solution that doesn't clump in the container is REALLY tough, so they stick with soy simply due to ease of use in the formulation. Still, would be nice if they'd make another that had 25g or so of protein per shake!

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