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Patrik Baboumian is the European Champion in powerlifting

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Here are the deadlift and bench press lifts from the European Championships in powerlifting:




Patrik also squatted 300kg, failed 330kg (dropping weights over his head which hurt quite a bit).


Patrik won his class and got the best total of all competitors with 830kg.


Here are his best lifts with kg and lbs:


- Squat 300kg = 660lbs

- Bench press 200kg = 440lbs

- Deadlift 330kg = 728lbs


He had a minor food poisoning before the competition, otherwise he would have lifted a LOT more!

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I would also like to note that these lifts were by a huge margin the best lifts any vegan has ever made in a competition even though Patrik did not even feel well. He did a 100kg (= 220lbs) better overall than the current leader of VeganFitness strength board even with the failed squat event (he has lifted 60kg more while practicing).


Also, this is the biggest achievement of a vegan weightlifter in history. And there's even full-hd video material of all this. Just click the link above.

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Awesome to hear Patrik is doing so well!


Of course, on other boards where it's mentioned that he's vegan, the most common reply is simply, "Well, he was that strong before he went vegan, so big deal!" But if nothing else, it makes those people know that once you change your diet, you don't wither away into a husk of your former self and can stay just as strong, even if they want to keep doubting what you can do once you go vegan!

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Patrik is from Germany (currently living in Berlin), but he was born in Iran.


By the way, Patrik has been a vegetarian for 6 years now and he has made his best lifts recently (like that 360kg squat vid) as a vegan. He does a lot of promotion for veganism all around Europe and he has also done promotion things with Vegan Strength Germany: http://www.veganstrength.de/5.html


Great stuff in Germany!

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