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Stella lost her groove. . .


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. . . in my opinion.


I wanted to post this to my vegan communities. Is it just me or does this really rot?


Today, I read a quote from Stella McCartney (Associated Press) that was truly upsetting and disappointing. Ironically, earlier this morning, I was reading about her father, "Sir Paul," who is up North, on behalf of the baby seals who are at risk to be clubbed.


When I first started to read the article, reporting Stella's success in the fashion industry, I was pleased as I understood her to be more than vegan friendly. She is described as a "strict vegetarian."


Perhaps I'm being the judgemental person I have no right to be. It just feels like a lot of mixed messages.


Stella McCartney after being described as a "strict vegetarian":


"I'm really anti-fur and my daughter is as well. My daughter's godmother is Drew Barrymore, and whenever I get tempted I think, you know, Drew would probably kill me," she told The Associated Press. "But leather: I'm rock _ I have to do leather."




Ego is such a delicate thing :sigh:


Jean (aka SeaWillow)

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ya, that is very freakin pathetic.


how sad . she has done so much anti-fur activism and then to go and say something that is just as superficial, self-indulgent, short-sighted and selfish as the fur wearing excuses she protests is really just sad.


Leather wearing anti-fur activists. Oh the hypocrisy, oh the irony, oh the inconsistency, oh oh oh....


How sad. Like you point out, Paul McCartney is in Newfoundland right now trying to bring international media attention to Canada's horrificly gruesome and barbaric massacre of hundreds of thousands of defenseless baby seals.


The seal hunt is scheduled to start soon, and countless babies will have their brains mashed and skulls bashed by seal clubbers right in front of their frantic and distressed mothers.


PLEASE get involved in the anti-seal campaigns of the Humane Society of America, the Seal Shepherd Conservation Society, or the INternational FUnd for ANimal Welfare this year. Please. With all of our efforts combined, this CAN be the last year for this massacre of innocent and defenseless life.


There is strength in numbers. Please contact the Canadian ambassador to the US, the Canadian Prime Minister's office directly, write letters to the editor regarding the issue, send a financial donation / adopt a seal, etc etc.


The local Toronto news covered McCarney's visit and made anti-sealers look ridiculous and the seal killers look like the sane, rational ones. They made McCartney out to look like an uninformed idiot with regards to this issue.


Please contact [email protected] attention news desk manager and ask them to fulfill their duty properly next time by reporting on these issues in a BALANCED way. They failed to do so this time. You can read about it on www.ctv.ca


Please do something to help this year so we can end this barbarity once and for damn all.

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By Joelle Diderich, Associated Press Writer | March 2, 2006


PARIS --Italian designer Stefano Pilati returned to the venue where Yves Saint Laurent bid farewell to couture to present his ready-to-wear collection for the French label on Thursday.


Globe front page |


Sign up for: Globe Headlines e-mail | Breaking News Alerts Saint Laurent took over the massive hall of the Pompidou modern art museum in 2002 for a career retrospective lasting close to two hours -- an eternity by the standards of modern fashion shows.


Pilati went for a different record: that of the world's longest catwalk. Models marched down a narrow room that ran the length of the building -- 166 meters (yards), to be precise.


The YSL display capped a day of autumn-winter presentations in Paris that also included Celine, Stella McCartney and Emanuel Ungaro.


The shade of pink plastered over the walls and chairs was lifted from the packaging of Saint Laurent's fragrance Baby Doll, and the collection also paid homage to the house heritage.


Nods to the master included pussycat bows, done in everything from plush mink to supple leather, and an ample knee-length coat with two thin leather strips crossing in the back.


Not content to stroll through the archives, Pilati looked all the way back to the ancient civilizations of Byzantium and Greece.


This showed in the heavy gold chains that curled across cut-out panels on a sleeveless top, or a jewel-encrusted gold collar on a navy chiffon evening dress. He gave the full Midas treatment to a boatneck shift that shimmered with gold sequins.


If parent company Gucci was looking to reassert its confidence in the designer, the message came across loud and clear. Gucci Group chief Robert Polet firmly dismissed recent rumors that Pilati was about to be replaced.


"I think the show was fantastic and Stefano is here to stay -- for a long time," he told The Associated Press.


Meanwhile, Croat designer Ivana Omazic has settled in nicely in her second season at Celine. Her collection was inspired by the author Nancy Cunard's 1930s allure.


"An assertive woman, who never relinquishes her femininity," was how she summed it up.


A skirt in rectangular strips of black organza split open to reveal a nude slip for an "undressed" effect. Cocktail dresses in black panne velvet shimmered like an Arabian horse's coat.


Omazic showed plenty of opulent looks, from a stiff mahogany crocodile leather coat to a caramel mink wrap. Wide lapels on belted coats arched away from the collar to sculptural effect.


McCartney was also in confident mood. The British designer's recent collection for Swedish retailer H&M was a sellout, she has launched a new tennis range with Adidas and her own label is on course to turn a profit next year.


Working with a refined palette of taupe, indigo and dusty pink, McCartney sent out shawl-necked cardigans that swathed the body over matching opaque tights and towering ankle boots. Sweater dresses and super-skinny jeans tapped into fashion's obsession with the 1980s.


Like her late mother Linda, McCartney is a strict vegetarian and refuses to use leather or fur.


Front-row guest Courtney Love said she did not fully support the ban on animal byproducts.


"I'm really anti-fur and my daughter is as well. My daughter's godmother is Drew Barrymore and whenever I get tempted I think, you know, Drew would probably kill me," the singer told The Associated Press. "But leather: I'm rock -- I have to do leather."


© Copyright 2006 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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Thanks Tarz. I retract my disappointment with Stella.

It's Courtney who gets a bop on the head with a carrot!!!!!


The press clip I received "conveniently" left out the preceeding reference to Ms. Love. I WAS wondering if Stella was also a "singer" too.


I appreciate your questioning this. I apologize to Stella and the forum for not thoroughly researching my source.



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Gosh, Courtney Love is just so talented and beautiful. And relevant. And she's a truly wonderful role model.

If I ever father a daughter, I want her to be just like Courtney Love!



(sorry - what I wanted to type about her would have been too offensive, so I decided to submit my comment from Bizzaro World instead)

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