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Landscaping/bodybuilding vegan in need of help

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Hows it going guys/girls i have a bit of an issue. I Landscape for a living and body build in the morning. I have been eating 5000 calories steadily for the past couple months and have been sticking with a regiment for the past 4 weeks. Problem is I still haven't gained anything (haven't lost either which is good). I am thinking about upping my calories to around 6000 and need some options to help me out.


I am 19, 5'9" and weigh 163 pounds give or take.

Thanks again

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When I was a landscaper, I lifted in the evenings and then ate protein directly after. I would come home, shower, take a power nap, and head to the gym. I kept my workouts short, under an hour, so I could go every day without running out of energy or overtraining. I had the whole night for muscle growth and repair. On my day off, I climbed mountains. A lot of other people I knew at the gym who were in the green industry did it the same way. I've heard studies that say anaerobic exercise is best conducted in the evenings, aerobic in the mornings. Worked for me.


Baby Herc

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