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Thought this poster was cool:




most fat people don't even try.There are exceptions.I had a neighbour who was 120 kg(fat as a rhino), he entered the gym and in a few months he lost like 35 kilos.Now he looks jacked and huge.I wish i was an endo

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most fat people don't even try.



I see a lot of people try but not succeed.


most fat people are fat their whole lives.I have seen only a few lose weight, they try to lose weight by starving themselves,calorie restriction or looking for a magic pill.Oh yeah running as well .They don't understand that diet is 95% of success meaning they don't read meaning THEY DIDN"T TRY HARD ENOUGH.Being fat is actually a disease which attracts diabetis,blood pressure problems and heart disease like glue.Endomorphs can get ripped easily while ectomorphs will be always tiny due to genetic structure.

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