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Anyone tried the ElliptiGO bike? I saw one today....

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I got one for my wife and myself. They are quite pricey. I would only recommed the 8 speed. The 3 is not enough and the 11 is overkill. If you are a long distance runner they are great for cross training. Many marathoners use this. I had a knee injury and could not run the needed 1.5 hour+ cardio needed multiple times a week. I run a short 4-5 miler one day, push hard on the ellipti-go two to three days, then run my 12+ one day. This works out well for me.

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I worked in a bike shop that sold those. Super fun and easy to ride, and one hell of a workout! I got the 8 speed up to about 42mph in our parking lot (absolutely true story!). It was pretty frightening but it handled a lot more stable than I expected it to at that speed. I can`t say I recommend going that fast to anyone else though. 27 years in BMX developing bike skills and I was still pretty nervous.

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