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Anyone got something for speed/endurance sports?

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do you want speed or endurance? what sports specific?


Ah there you are, wasn't sure if you were around here >.>


Don't worry I found something. Just realized that they upped my training so I just wasn't used to it.

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Oh, I totally understand, and I can tell you that I haven't played sports in forever. I'd say that I mostly into esports tournaments, and after I discovered https://sportsarenainput.org/most-profitable-esports-games-for-sports-betting/, I even managed to start making money from placing bets. And I wonder, do you place bets on sports since you watch matches?

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I also tried to do sports analytics and then I started to use this knowledge to earn money on sports betting. I was recommended to register on the site of the most famous bookmaker 1xbet, because only here the highest odds and a better chance to win a good prize. Have any of you tried to bet on sports?

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