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196 to 164 Pictures

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Hey everyone, I just joined the site. I am super excited that there is a vegan bodybuilding website haha. Anyway....

I went from 196 to 164 by going on a " Juice Fast " It took a little over 30 days on the fast to lose 32 pounds. I am

real excited to start getting some muscle...thus why i joined the website! Here are the pictures. I am rather new to

bodybuilding, I have been reading up on it, but nothing from a vegan perspective, so any advice would be much appreciated.




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I've done juice fasts a few times before. But the longest I've ever gone has been two weeks. I always feel stronger and more energetic. I also find that my mood improves tenfold.


Your lucky, I would love those side effects lol... It has the opposite effects on me. I get lethargic and lose all ambition. I become irritable and moody. After coming off the fast I shot up in weight about 10lbs due to food being stored in me and because I ate junk vegan food, so I am going to go back on tomorrow. I want to cut and then start bulking. Hopefully this time goes better emotionally.

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Welcome and way to go! I juice every few days. I never look at is as a fast. I think of it as concentrated nutrition.


Thank you. That's a good idea... maybe I just need to change my perspective. Calling it a fast makes me feel very restricted... hmmm, something to think about. haha.

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Thank you, and thanks for showing me that link. With juicing I am getting all the nutrients I need for the day, it is just pre-digested for me. ( Assuming I drink as much juice as I should ) Also, after coming off the fast I changed my diet + lifestyle drastically; so I don't think the yo-yo thing will be happening. And for the other problems that the website talks about, I have nothing to say against them lol, if they are true then I suppose I am taking a risk. Tons of people are being cured of diseases, toxins, and losing weight from juicing. I can see starving yourself being a problem, but that's not whats going on here. I will be looking into this more though, so thank you.

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