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New to lifting, limited equipment. help ?

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Hey, so like the thread says... I am rather new at lifting but I do have some equipment.

I have been reading a lot about compound lifts, and how they should be the root of your routine.

But... I don't have a barbell... but I will post what I have so maybe you all can help me ?


EZ Bar

Tricep Bar

2x 10lb Dumbbells

1 35lb Dumbbell ( Sadly, I am to weak to curl the 35lb DB, I mostly can only do Bent Over Rows with it )

About 80lb free weights

Resistance Band


Right now I am making due with what I have, I would post my entire routine but I am sure you are all sick of that.

Any advice would be much appreciated. Should I just go and get a Barbell and salvage my old bench that sits in my

nasty basement ?

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