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SeventhDay -- JUICE FAST; to LOSE FAST.

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Well... after great results on my last juice fast, I decided to go on another one. Once I get pretty low bf% I am going to start hitting the weights hard. In the meantime I am going to study on a proper routine including compound lifts, nutrition, and of course... my Bible where God instituted the vegan diet from the beginning. On this " Juice Fast " I will be having 1 smoothie a day ( ideally with some sort of protein powder ) to make sure that my digestive system doesn't come to a screeching halt. I will be logging my weight each day, and if I can afford the protein powder I will also be doing some slight lifting which I will log in here also. I will post my weight either tomorrow or the next day; today I have to much food and liquid in me to give a proper weight.


GOAL: Cut down to fairly low bf%

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Thanks SunWarrior . I can already tell this juice fast is going to be much easier and more pleasant then the last few. I feel great

and am excited to see where this goes...


Day 2: 171.6


P.S. First few days I should lose "weight" rapidly, due to stored food and whatever other junk is in there coming out.

I expect to lose it quickly until about 165-167.

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Okay, so I dropped the fast and picked up something new. Here is my new plan.


Intermittent fasting + high carb low fat diet. ( cooked )

I will not be using any oils or added sodium, and the main

parts of my meals will be starches. Saturdays will be my cheat

days because we have a large potluck after church and I would

hate to miss out . This has to be something I can continue

to do, so the cheat day should help.


Intermittent fasting from 8pm to 12pm the following day, or 9pm to 1pm the following day.

Before I break the fast I will do cardio and lifting, followed by a meal that is ~ 60% the calories

I need for the day, then a meal or two later on in the day before 8 or 9.

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Today I ate...

1 cup of steamed white rice + half a large onion, cabbage, garlic and carrots heated + steamed in some water on the stove.

3/4 lb of pasta + 1 can of diced tomato and 3/4 a can of black olives.


No oill + no added sodium. Oddly enough, I feel so so so so much better eating more simple.

High Carbs + low fat, no oil and low sodium, has me full of energy all throughout the day and I am very

clear minded.... I'm losing weight + seeing more definition in my body due to getting the sodium out.

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Wednesday Workout

4x8 on all excercises


DB Rows : 35 lbs

Military Press : 30 lbs

Tricep Extensions : 20 lbs

DB Side Bends : 35 lbs


I'm weak right now... but I'm also cutting weight, and doing these workouts in a fasted state.

Now I'm off to go get some grub, cheers.


Edit: Being its the 4th of July, I'm not even going to mention what I ate. Although I am lucky my church are Adventists and

we follow a vegan diet, so the party I went to wasn't to bad. Definitely some junk vegan food that I indulged in lol.

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