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Is there a soy protein isolate without any additives?

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Thanks buddy!


On lowcarbwelt.de the protein still had aromas in it.

The price for soy isolate on myprotein.com is superb, but there still was some emulgent in it.

I ordered soy and wheaten protein from proteinmixer.com, since I like their concept and it seems to be without any additives.


Ordering from either of the three sites is possible from Germany, shipping costs are around 5€.


I will keep you updated on my order

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Yes, protein mixer is without additives. You can choose if you want to have sucralose or stevia as a sweetener if you opt for protein with aroma.


IIRC LC-Welt had some protein without aroma and vitamins. However, I'm pleased to see that they ow have aroma without the sweetener and vitamins now. They used to only have vanilla and chocolate a few months ago. When mixing the proteins with banana the shakes always got too sweet when using an already sweetened powder.

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