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Cutting while still maintaining/gaining muscle

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You can cut and gain at the same time, but you need to have good genetics. I acheive cutting and gaining by cycling my calories. like eating 4600 calories for two days, then for three days eating 2800 calories. Also cycling carbs really helps. Just eat alot of carbs on the bulk days and low carb on the cut days. All calories should come from eating clean.

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You can cut whilst also adding muscle.


I've put on more muscle recently, and at the same time become more cut.


Yeah do some cardio. It will help you cut and so long as you train the weights hard you can still add muscle. I wouldn't worry too much about cutting the calories.

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Newest thing that I am trying to see if it works:

Go thru and read about all three phases of Nutrient Timing System:




This is just a trainer's perspective of the NTS. I have ordered the book, but am trying to do the timing with what I have research so far. Been on it for 2 days now. Energy has gone thru the roof (and I am cutting - but the high glycemic carb during workout and the Anabolic Phase has probably propelled my energy levels into the afternoon and evening). I am also cycling my calories (2 low carb days following a re-feed day), but have planned my caloric intake the same during the Energy Phase/workout and Anabolic Phase, but the Growth Phase is where I play around with the cycling of calories. I am excited to try this out.

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