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My ripped diet!

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I am 225 lbs right now at 6'2" and although I would like to add some more mass, right now I want to get ripped up and will work to add mass in the fall and winter.


This is my diet, not exactly, but these are the things I am eating:



lots of fruit

lots of veggies

whole grain bread (not a ton)

some peanut butter

some nuts


soy milk

soy yogurt

red potatoes


green tea

one cup of home roasted coffee

Protein powder

some dry ceral

brown rice


Trying to limit calories and do more cardio.

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Take out the peanut butter.


I was thinking of removing all nuts for a while. The thing that worries me about bulking up at 42, it seems so much harder to lose the belly fat at this age.


Good idea and yea I turned 40 last year watching my metabolism slowly almost come to a screeching halt all through my 30s.


I will tell you this though I never thought I would be back up to 3000-3500 cals a day and not be putting on fat, but that is exactly what I'm doing with 80/10/10!


I gained a little puffiness which I now think was water (which comes with carbs/glycogen storage) but after my body caught back up I have been losing it again and my strength and muscle size gains haven't stopped.

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Horsesense, the problem I and most all people have is that we lose muscle along with fat and gain muscle along with fat so I know it is near impossible to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. It is one or the other, gain or lose. When I was about 38 - 40, I was down to about 3,000 - 3,500 calories and I became very lean but I lost a lot of muscle as well. I was only 185 lbs, yikes!


During my bulking this year I was doing close to 6,000 or more calories a day. With that I was gaining muscle and fat. I know this is just part of the process but I am not sure at this point if I want to keep pushing for size before trying to get lean. I wanted to be more lean for the summer but it is getting a bit late and I don't like having my weight go up and down so I may just try to eat cleaner but keep pushing for size. Right now I am 225 at 6'2".


C.O., I don't snowboard much these days. After college I moved to Utah for a while, Salt Lake, and spent a ton of time riding Vermont, including the back country at Stowe. Also took many trips to Jackson, Tahoe, Whistler and others. Home is Philadelphia, PA however and I am lucky if I ride one day a year now. It is not a priority now. My family is number one, and I spend a lot of time on exercise and bodybuilding. Also, music and guitar is higher on the list now than snowboarding, partly because it is easier to do when you have a family and career.

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Lunch today was sateed tofu, onion, garlic, broccoli, in liquid aminos and sesame oil with brown rice. Nice long walk this morning. My body weight is almost to 230 lbs. I need to get leaner before I attempt adding any more mass.

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Nothing wrong with nuts after you've lost the weight. Omega 6's are essential for a lot of things in the body, including muscle growth, skin, heart and brain health however they get stored in body fat easily in excess because they are so hard to come by out in nature. Anyways, soaked nuts are super healthy since they contain the vitamins, minerals and water content.


Have you tried carrot juice for weight loss?


Have you thought about getting rid of the oils or limiting them?

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