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What are your macro ratios for fat loss?

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So what are you guys doing for ratios?


It's hard to find pure proteins and most of my protein comes from legumes which also contain carbs and fat. So how do you keep the fats down and eat things like nuts and beans etc?


Or do you just count the calories and forget the rest?

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The percentage ratio for carbs, protein and fat can vary depending on what you are wanting to accomplish. In general, usually the ranges are 50-60% carbs, 15-25% protein, 10-30% fat.


Various factors involved may be:


If you competing in an endurance/high cardio intense event you want to be at the 60% for carbs as you get close to the time of the event.


If you are wanting to gain muscle your protein intake would be on the higher end of the protein range.


If you are concerned with body fat levels your fat intake may be on the lower end, although what you consume in total calories is important here too.


Beans are not high in fat but nuts/seeds are. If you want to keep your fat intake lower than you do have to reduce the amount of nuts/seeds you consume. Personally, this isn't something I concern myself with, some days I may even get close to 40% of my intake is from fat, but normally around the 20-30% range. But the fat from nuts/seeds is mostly unsaturated fat which isn't as unhealthy as saturated fats and nuts/seeds do have a fair amount of nutrients in them.


Welcome to the forum btw.

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I do about 50% carbs/ 40% protein and 10% fat. I like a lower fat intake personally. As I get closer to competition I will usually drop the carb % and increase the protein. I keep my fat intake the same. My protein comes mainly from protein powder. I am a fan of the gemma/rice/hemp combo. I do not do nuts. I stick with flax oil/olive oil for my fat intake. Although everybody needs something different for their body. Always experiment to find out what works best for you.

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I'm trying 50% c/ 30%p and 20% f to lose weight / fat , I'm NOT a bodybuilder

...I still don't know if it works since I haven't really started, but I aim to lose some weight (not much) and fat... I hope it works!


I count calories and macros... which makes it difficult, the difficulty being in getting the protein required with the calorie restriction.... As for beans...they're unfortunately a no-no for me...I get really really bloated from them (sorry for mentioning this).

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