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Can't lose Fat, need help.

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Ok, I know the title is a little ridiculous but I'm stuck and need some fellow vegan help. My metabolism has been slow all my life. Like molasses. Eating over 1500 cals a day keeps my weight on. But eating less and I'm starving. It's sooooo easy to gain muscle it's not even funny. But when you have been BIG all your life, having big muscles is not that appealing to you. I just want to be ripped out of my mind. End of story.


I'm about 230lbs 6'2 and 20% bodyfat (38yo.). I used to be 275lbs. Now I can't seem to lose anymore weight. I've tried so many things. I'm an Endomorph body type... so I need to take caution when just "looking" at food. I have a moderate amount of muscle but it is covered up by fat, loose skin and man boobs.


Eating more just puts on MORE fat and more muscle. That is not working for me......


I'm eating a big fruit smoothy in the morning with 1tbsp of peanut butter or almond butter.

I have a big green salad with half cup of peanuts and one table soon of flax oil/olive oil.

I snack on sliced apples and peanut butter and oranges.

I will usually have another salad for dinner.

Water is the only liquid I drink.


Twice a week I will eat an organic veggie wrap with spouts, avocado, tomato and hummus.

I tried vegan protein powder but it messed up my regulatory badly so I'm not going back.

I workout 3 days a week weights and 2 days a week 30min cardio.


The weight is not coming off and I'm losing patience. I tried cutting the fats but I'm starving when I do. And for all you 80-10-10 people out there, I tried that and found out I'm badly allergic to bananas (unfortunately) so don't even go there. That diet sucks without bananas


Eating extra oranges and apples leaves me hungry.


Should I cut back on food more?... or ... start running a few miles a day to force it off?




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Hi, in my opinion, there is too much fat in your diet (peanut butter, olive), maybe you should eat peanuts only one time a day and use not more than one tbsp of olive a day. Do more cardio as well (for example running), it should be enough. Good luck!

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You can 80/10/10 on rice, pasta, potatoes, oats, corn, grits, all kinds of fruits and fruit juice, etc, etc. Legumes are NOT going to make you fat, either.


Cut out as much fat out of your diet as possible and just keep going with the work outs.


It takes 700 cals a day to maintain an infant daily, and you're going on 1500 cals?


You are STARVING! Eat whole foods high in carbs and low in fats and eat until you can't eat anymore!!


Your body will probably put on more weight because you've been starving for so long you've taught it to be a very efficient fat storer.


But it will quickly get the message that it's ok to "let go" and you'll lose it.


There are virtually NO obese people on high carb/low fat diets or 80/10/10 but there are PLENTY on every other diet.

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