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Tofu dog eating contest

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I competed in one in Austin 2 years ago on Independence Day


A few hundred people came out to watch.


I didn't do very well at all. I ate about 6 in 10 minutes. We had to eat the bun too.


Here are a few photos from my partner and I. We entered as a team. We both ate 6 for 12 total. The winning team had 17 or so and the winning individual also ate about 17 in 10 minutes, with bun









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Awesome! I think I'm going to go to fun fun fun feat in Austin in November. Robert will you be in Austin first weekend of November? Chris and Miho and I will be all going. Any other austin people thinking of going or others not from there thinking of making the trip let us know! Its not just for the veg hot dog contest ha ha the line up looks really... Fun!

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Yeah dude. I should be back in ATX by late Oct I believe. Going back to OR for a bit in Sept and Oct.


The competition was a lot of fun. My team didn't do very well, but we had a blast! Perhaps I'll see you in ATX in Nov, Dogg.

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