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Hello from Scotland


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Hi everyone


Great to be able to join a Vegan bodybuilding forum, I've looked at some other non vegan sites but IMO there seems to be something a bit lacking. This site seems much more friendly and down to earth:)


I've been Vegan about 20 years, female and 49 yo


My sports have always been aerobic activities: hill walking, running, cycling etc but now these sports are not doing me any favours. I'm getting thinner and thinner.., I can see I am losing my muscles ...


...So now my main sport is bodybuilding...my spare room has been turned into a gym with a bench and free weights. I started a regime 4 weeks ago...I want to build muscle bulk...I've been doing various exercises where the weight limits my reps to 6-8 in a set...


...but the most confusing part is the food ...I want to make sure I get the right nutrition at the right time


Anyway, it's great to come across this site

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Welcome! Where in Scotland do you live? I've visited Edenborough and it was beautiful. We went underground for a ghost tour and my sister swears she saw a ghost! Tons of friendly people and good resources here I'm glad that you found this forum too.


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Hello greenprotien,


Good to "meet" you. I'm from the UK and love Scotland. Sounds like your routine is going great! I like the sunwarrier protien powder but there are lots of great powders to try out, it really is what suits you.

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Hi Guys


Thanks for saying hello


I live in Perthshire about an hour from Edinburgh. Yeh I've been in the underground tour as well...the leader of the tour was dressed as a witch and quite dramatic which made it fun


I shall now look into the Sunwarrior protein powder. Mis vv where are you in the UK?


TBH I'm not as motivated as I should be However, the weights in some areas are increasing every 2 weeks at the moment, though not always by a huge amount but I can't complain as I feel I am still a bit lazy. When I used to do aerobic exercise I would always come back exhausted but because I am trying to do a new sport (b/b) I am trying to be more sensible and not over do things especially as my body is not used to tough weights I am allowing myself 3 months to gradually introduce another exercise or another set of something until I have an all-over-body work out. I hope by then I will be addicted like I was with the aerobic stuff. My aim is to build muscle as I am too light for my height.



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Hey greenprotein! There definitely is a friendly vibe you get here that you can't find elsewhere. I have met many friends and my fiancé here as well as found a career. This forum has completely changed my life. I am not on nearly as often but VBBF is always in my heart and i'll always come back to say hello. Perhaps post more consistently too. See you around

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Hey Greenprotien


I'm based in the Midlands, Leicester to be exact, I love Leicester - it's a great City.


Sounds like you are doing great with your training - have you started a journal on the forum yet?


You also you might find that you just love a certain lift and get a thirst for challanging yourself on it. This is really easy with powerlifts, I became a very enthusiastic deadlifter at one point, I totally had the buzz for it getting my lift to the top end of the "intermediate" catorgory for my sex and weight and therfore bordering on an "advanced" lift.

The deadlift is a great lift that works a lot of muscles IF it's done correctly. It's best to invest in a bit of 1-to-1 coaching beforehand on correct form otherwise you could end up doing what I had to do, drop my weights back and spend time correcting bad form which was a bit frustraiting and could have been avoided.


I'm getting an itch to learn a clean and curl so am going to get a 1-to-1 session this month on it.

Let me know if you have a journal!


All the best


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