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Wood Chopping.

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Where I live it get's really cold (Winter here atm).


I chop wood every day and enjoy it. I find it to be a good workout, too.


Have you ever chopped wood, do you do it regularly? If so, is it an exercise thing, or you do just do it because you need it to keep the house warm?


I'm also curious, would you consider this an aerobic exercise, anaerobic or a bit of both?


Any input is good.

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For sure wood chopping is a good workout. In winter here in the US I have various places where I'll go to help chop wood. I some family members with a great deal of forest and they have stock piles of wood used to heat wood burning stoves. FYI noting beats a wood burning stove. When I help out it's not intended to be exercise, but after a good hour or two chopping wood (not to mention hauling it) I'm not thinking about a workout. I think it's definitely a combination of both, but I'd say more anaerobic because (at least for me I'm chopping up a whole tree) you'll have a few forceful bouts with little periods of rest over a long period of time.

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I have a small wood burning fireplace in my home and I couldn't live without it. The smell of the woodsmoke, the feel of the natural heat on my face, the color and light of it in the evening--you can't top real, live flames! It's nice to know that even if the power goes out, I'm going to be comfortable in the wintertime; I always keep two days worth of wood stacked up in storage for just that and it's all cedar (Oh, baby!) I admit that I cheat and use a circular saw to section off pieces but it's an old saw, weighs a ton in my hand, and I do it hunched over on the floor of my garage, so I'll give myself a half-point for that. I've actually always wanted to learn to wield a full-sized ax with precision. It truly is a composite workout.


"Chop your own wood and it will warm you twice." --Henry Ford


Baby Herc

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I've gotten into sledgehammering for the sake of exercise in the past. I didn't have a tire or anything, so I just went out into the woods and wiled away on fallen trees. It was a good time.


I was over my parent's house last weekend and noticed a huge pile of wood that needs to be chopped for their wood burning stove. Maybe I'll be lending them a hand, now that you've got it on my mind.

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