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Happy Birthday, kareno!!!!!!


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Today is kareno's birthday! Vote for her photo here! http://www.facebook.com/events/453239934709264/


Happy Birthday, Karen!


Karen has worked very hard for Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness over the past year, creating programs that many of us have been part of, organizing our tours and has been an incredible supporter of our brand and lifestyle.


Please join me in wishing her a wonderful birthday! Please vote in the photo contest listed below.



Please vote for her on her birthday in this photo contest she's in:




And direct link to her photo in the contest: http://apps.facebook.com/vegaphotocontest/entry/382628




Vote for her photo here: http://apps.facebook.com/vegaphotocontest/entry/382628

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Thank you, sooo, sooo, sooo much, Robert... and all of you! I am so grateful and appreciative of all the happy birthday well-wishes. Much love to the VBB community at large! Thank you for the immense level of support. I had a great birthday.

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You're just a hard-working barefoot monkey who cares a lot about a hopefully-soon-will-be barefoot bunny. Barefoot under a beach umbrella, while doing the wave with other people on the beach, which will make more and more people want to join in the fun, until before everyone knows it, there's a whole beach party happening, and everyone is so wow'd by the food, that they all hold up signs that tell the world to "Go Vegan"..... except for the one guy who's showing off his muscles. His hands are full with the barbell, so he doesn't have a free hand to hold up a sign to tell the world to "Go Vegan." So, instead, he serves as the example to show people how strong one can be on a vegan diet. And pretty soon, the whole world has gone vegan.


That's what happens in my dreams.

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