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Coming to NYC (not sure where to post this)

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Hi everyone! I'll be in NYC the weekend of August 25th for an event for PCRM. I'm looking for a place to crash (obviously prefer it be with a fellow vegan) or at least suggestions on cheap but decent places to stay. The event is in the Hamptons. I don't need to stay there specifically. I'm willing to take the train out to the event if needed.


Thank you!

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Hey Kelley maybe try posting in the local/regional section, gotta scroll to the bottom of the list of threads to find it. I know some others have stayed in the ymca that is located near central park. Its nice, clean, you get your own small room, its cheap, and its in a great location. I think it runs like 100 bucks a night or something around that. I'm in the process of moving otherwise I'd offer up my room in williamsburg for a few bucks, if I somehow get moved before the 25th i'll let you know. Goodluck!



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