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Hello from Chicago


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My name is Markanthony. I’m from (and currently reside in) Chicago, Illinois, I’m 52 years old, 6’0” and 215lbs. I have been a Vegan for almost a year now, and I do not miss being a carnivore one bit. My reasons are very spiritual; much like I would imagine most that are here and I don’t see myself ever going back to being a carnivore. Besides, my mind, body, and soul are functioning exponentially faster, more efficient, and more powerful than I’ve ever experienced.


I had been weightlifting for over seven years (as a carnivore). One day while doing my Power Squat routine, my hip blew out. That was about a year and a half ago, but I’m happy to say I’m back at it…thanks be to The One. I am an early morning lifter (I’m in the gym at 5am) and I find the gym is my sanctuary.


I think being a Vegan weightlifter is a solitary existence, so I am extremely grateful for this site. I will not have a relationship with a carnivore; no offense to anybody, but I just can’t bring myself to do it.


I hope to meet people who share the same passions for life and the living as I do, forge strong relationships, and hopefully make a positive contribution or two as well.


Maybe I’ll even meet someone…





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Hi, welcome to the forum! Are you going to the Chicago vegetarian festival this weekend? Or I think its this weekend, hopefully it didnt already pass. If you search for it on here there are a couple threads about it with details.



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