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I just done my first ever Chin-ups!

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Hi folks


I know it is pathetic to some of you but I really have just done 10 chin-ups - I had a second rest between each one as I couldn't believe I'd even done 1, had to stop for shock factor


I know this is a good exercise to do but is it a good sign that I can even manage one? Do you think my recent training has strengthened me enough to manage this OR is it something that everyone can do straight off?..and I'm just excited over nothing


I just thought I would not be able to do one for at least 6 months..my chin-up bar has sat in its box for weeks until just now that is...


Anyway comments appreciated so I can get things in perspective


Okay I am now editing this post as I had another go and done 6 (to failure) with no rest...there must be hope for me somewhere then...

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aaaaww...thanks for being so positive...much appreciated


No pre assisted training at all..I have been weight -training about 6 weeks now...my upper body work has been bench presses, tricep dips using body weight, bi cep curls...lower body has been deadlifts and leg extensions...I noticed with the deadlift that it pulls hugely on lower to mid back and depending on which bit of the deadlift I am in, it then pulls on my upper back shoulder blade to top of shoulder area. I also do a shoulder shrug at the top of the lift... The deadlift also pulls hugely onto my forearms...the deadlift and bench press are the two that I really push hard with (for me it is pushing hard but I know this would be easy to many of you) (Obiously I'm not mentioning much re deadlift effects on legs as not needed really for talking about chin-ups )


I grip the chin-up bar with both hands facing me. I cannot do it with palms facing away. All I can say is the forearms felt the most strain, then biceps, then stomach muscles. I tested having the bar at different heights...I can do chin-ups from an almost hanging position (arms just off of being fully locked straight)but it's easier to lower arms to an obtuse angle just past 90 degrees and then chin-up from there...


....I asked guys at work what was correct and they said both but most people don't go all the way back down to almost hanging... I expect there are some experts on here that could explain the differences


One thing I could suggest is start with the bar a couple of inches above your head and pull up from there, then as you get used to it put the bar higher up, and also just do them in reverse (this is what I am practising to be able to do more from the hanging position)...Hey you'll know all this anyway as you ladies do look/sound superfit whereas I don't...but I'm trying


Hope that helps, what have you tried yourselves, why do you think it's not working for you


As an aside, I know I don't have a proper w/out routine yet but I'm gradually introducing more/different exercises to my weekly w/o's. I am happy just now to plateau (or slower progress) on existing exercises whilst new ones are added in. Because I am lazy in terms of introducing abs exercises I'm glad the chin-ups seem to work the abs as a by product

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