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Becoming a vegan tommorow diet review please :).


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Im 20 years old and as of tommorrow i decided to give up meat and dairy products, i already lift weights so im looking for a diet to keep me healthy and to maintain and build more muscle mass so what i came up with is this. (bear in mind i am gluten intolerant)


Carb/protein sources - Brown rice,Lentils,split peas.

Proteins/fats - Almonds,cashews.

Orange vegetables - Sweet potato/pumpkin/carrots etc

Fruits - Just about anything.

Vegetables - Broccoli,cauliflower,Green peas,cabbage,brussel sprouts.


I won't be eating soy ether or soy products like tofu etc.


Any additions to the lists or advice is much appreciated, Cheers .

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Welcome and congrats on giving up meat and dairy products, your body and health will thank you for it.


Your diet looks decent and you are getting in your protein sources for the muscle mass you want to gain. Maybe try some nut butters, fruit/vegetable smoothies with ground nuts/seeds in them and maybe try some wild rice along with the brown rice.


Remember to eat a good variety of fruits/vegetables, getting in different colors, the different colors represent different phytonutrients.

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