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Mixing and storing Pea, Rice, Hemp, BCAA, Glutamine. Safe?


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Since it's a lot cheaper to just source these ingredients separately rather than buy an overpriced "mix", I've been mixing Pea, Rice, Hemp, BCAA, and Glutamine powders together at home in individual ziploc bags and storing them in the fridge. Is this safe?


I do this so I don't have to pull out 5 different containers every time I make my shake plus I can take a bag with me on my bike ride to work.


I'm sure the protein powders mixed together are totally fine but I am wondering if when they are mixed with BCAA and Glutamine and sit in the fridge together in individual ziploc bags if there are any sort of "reactions" occurring or if there is a loss in the potency of the individual powders. So far I haven't seen or smelt anything strange.


Does anyone else do this? Just curious.

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