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Low carb breakfast ideas


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Hello everybody! I'm trying to follow a low carb plan... calculating my macros, in order to lose weight and fat, I would need about 90 gr. grams carbs a day (30%)... that's not much, so I try to have most of it as pre work-out and post-workout meal...than, the rest of the meals always have some carbs, so that doesn't leave me much room for carbs for breakfast....


I've been having a protein shake (sun warrior) with flaxmeal and peanut butter for breakfast the last days...and it's ok, but it's nothing I'm looking forward to have as it happened to me with some other breakfasts (but maybe because they had sugar in them so it was my "addiction...? dunno!)... Anyways....any idea about low carb/high protein breakfast... that could get me excited to get up? :


I normally prefer sweet rather than hearty for breakfast and have almost no time to prepare since I have to start at the office normally at 7 am...that's really early!!! so if I want to get enough sleep I have to get up to do everything in a rush and leave at 6 am...


Thanx in advance

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