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Hello From London


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I'm Leena, I'm a martial artist and fitness enthusiast. I have been in martial arts since the age of 14 starting with judo and moving through kickboxing, boxing, muay thai and my foundation style which is kyokushin karate. I spend an average of 2-3 hours training everyday (barring injuries) and aside from karate I do a range of cross training from free weights, bodyweight intervals, running, step classes, spinning, kettlebells, yoga etc I like to vary things to keep my body guessing.


I was vegetarian from 14 years old too and became vegan in February this year (Gave up cheese found Vegusto which to me tastes better!)


My goals are to achieve my black belt next Summer it is a 4 day grading at a camp.


Other interests are music, music business (my work) conservation, animal welfare, protection of the environment, vegan food! entrepreneurship, business, health and wellbeing.



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