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1st Pic after 8 weeks Training

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Well, I'm not as dedicated as I should be... bit lazy at times ...so here's a first pic....


....thing is when my arms are by my side they look like pieces of string ...The laziness is that I haven't started to concentrate on pecs or shoulders (bones stick out on top of shoulders)...However, as I have seen some progress in my benching and bi/tri ceps...I think I have convinced myself to add shoulder presses, this week


...Do incline bench presses concentrate on pecs (cause I really don't like doing dumbell flys, so I'm tring to use something that I like doing already?? )



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I usually do decline bar, flat bar and incline dumbells, I find doing all three is much more effective


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That's interesting, I didn't know about decline bar...hmmm..thanks So is it bench pressing but I'm tipped upside down a bit...I'll have a search and find out...


I have no excuse but at present I am having to trick myself into weight training...so I'm sticking with exercises I like, such as bench pressing. I'm trying to make it work for the pecs...when I tried dumb bell flys, I didn't like doing them.. I do the same for legs...I love deadlifts but hate squats...so I do deadlifts where I'm bending at the knees and getting as low as possible with the bar as it includes the quads...then I do the stiff legged DL to concentrate on hams/glutes followed by seated leg extension just for quads..


...it's a game with myself really


..I visit the site to get some inspiration


As for my bench pressing, I have been struggling with same weight for weeks, gradually getting in another rep and another etc..I think in about 4 weeks times I will be able to add another 10kg which I really am excited about (especially as I remember the first time I lifted current weight 30kg I could only do 1 rep... now I can do 1 x10, 1 x 8, 1x 6 but it's not an easy weight for me). Soon to be at 40kg I may start to see real results...which should inspire me more...

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Sounds like your doing really well! I also alternate week by week between flat bench with bar or with dumbells. Just to mix it up abit, although I'm sure this is the the best for strength gains I'm. Finding it to be kindest on my shoulder which is abit dodgy!


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Decbolton, I had a rotator cuff injury about year and half ago from a collision on snow...anyway it is now fully recovered and I have no problems at all with the heavy (for me ) weights...


..what's wrong with your shoulder


I am progressing so slowly at the 30kg bench press, that I decided to start an extra few sets at heavier weight...this morning I managed 1 x3, 1 x2, 1x2 at 34kg (there's no way as I had hoped that I could have lifted 40kg)...I do find when I want to move up a weight that doing a few almost at 1RPM makes the lighter weight progress quicker...so I shall see how it goes...I am pleased with what I have achieved though


Does anyone have a rule of thumb idea as to when I am likely to start looking bigger (when my arms are hanging down by my side) I am stronger but just no bigger and I still have same fat amount on my arms...For example would I need to be bench pressing 150% of my body weight to start looking bigger FYI I weigh about 50kg and 5ft 9"

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