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Just introducing myself!


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Hi, I'm Katy!

Just stumbled across this site while researching vegan body building. My boyfriend and I are on a pretty good workout schedule (about 5 days lifting, two days 'rest' in which we're supposed to do cardio but it's a little harder for me to get up and moving with that..oops). I've had my own weight loss journey, being quite the chunker growing up, and I've learned a lot within those years. I've studied up a lot on nutrition and was working at Jenny Craig for a while until I moved with my hubby-to-be. I recently weighed in at my highest in about 5 years (148lbs) but once my boyfriend and I got on a good workout schedule, and made minor diet changes, I'm back down to 141 currently. (My goal being 135 since I'm 5'8 1/2").


So anyway, before I ramble even more: I love lifting. I want to eventually enter competitions, etc. But I know my diet needs to improve. I'm not the worst eater, but sometimes we slip up a bit. I'm not vegan, but I've considered making the change permanently. (I've done vegetarianism and veganism off and on, just for my own personal satisfaction). So the real question is: how do I get started? How do I ensure I'm getting in a well-balanced diet? The whole protein deficiency always worries me. Would definitely love some feedback!

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Welcome Katy!


Thanks for joining the forum.


I'm just heading to bed but wanted to welcome you before signing off. I'll get back to you about places to start. There are tremendous resources all over the place from Forks Over Knives to individuals in the vegan fitness industry such as Brendan Brazier, Derek Tresize, Ed Bauer and sites like www.veganproteins.com and www.veganessentials.com.


All the best and welcome aboard!



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I'm from Austin, TX!

I'll definitely figure out where to post and post our workouts, ha.

Now, can someone direct me to a sample day for an all vegan diet? I think that's my biggest concern for finally making the switch--not sure where to start.

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