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Want To Cut ! Start photos

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Check out the journal sections of this forum. There are many people that list very excellent and detailed workout plans as well as meal plans.

Also Check out Robert's book Vegan Bodybuilding and fitness. It has some great info in there on how to really get cut, and the vegan way, you know!

What's your ink say, I can read the 2nd half animal, but what's the first word?



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Cutting just means being in a calorie deficit... You just have to eat less! But make sure you don't eat too little, go just under your normal/maintenance diet and keep protein levels high so as not to waste your muscles. Its important to strength train while cutting, too. And I think it helps to have odd days where you eat more so your body doesn't get stressed - after a hard workout is ideal for a good eating session! But try not to eat too much fat when you have a big eating day, stick to carbs.


I'm not an expert, but I've been cutting for almost 6 weeks and seeing lots of changes so I must be doing something right!


Nice tattoo too :]

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