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Just took the CSCS exam.


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Alright, so I just took the CSCS exam and realized that I cannot get the exam results back until my college transcripts have arrived. I overnight mailed them my transcripts, called them and they said they cannot predict how long it will take for them to confirm a pass or a fail. Can anyone else who has faced a similar predicament give me any clue of what I face.


As for the test content, very hard! The video questions I think I nailed and I think I did pretty well with the nutrition and anatomy questions. Where I stumbled a bit I think are with rest periods when it comes to sprinting, there were several questions that related to rest/work intervals with sprinting and it was confusing because the way I studied it was that shorter sprints mean higher intensity and therefore more rest period but for distances like say 1550 which qualify as neither phosphagen, nor aerobic I was confused about the rest period so I usually went for the middle option.


Looking back I know for certain there are at least two questions I screwed up on. One was about appropriate tests for a basketball player. I answered 1 RM power clean and T-test but now that I think about it I know it was 1 RM power clean and 40 meter spring. I wish I reviewed that one but I didn't. Oh well, got to hope for the best.


One of the questions I really friggin hated was "which of these exercises burns the most calories?"


The choices were


A)Front Squat




C)Hang Clean


D)Dead lift.


I figured the answer would be which exercise utilizes the most muscles, problem is ALL of those exercises are very compound so I ended up choosing Hang Clean since it incorporates elements of the dead lift and front squat. You don't need as much power for the Snatch so I ruled that out. What do you guys think?


Another question.


If a person is performing a pike Jump, what reccomendation would you give.


Two of the answers were obvious bs but the other two both seemed right.


First one was to keep knees straight and the other was a 10 second rest between reps.


The 10 second rep between reps DOES seem appropriate being that it is a high intensity plyometric drill but the keeping the leg straight option seemed more specific towards the actual drill so I ended up answering that one.


Hard hard friggin test.


The way I see it is I believe I probably passed the scientific portion of the test and I have about 50/50 chance on the applied/practical. My only saving grace is that more questions means I can get away with screwing up more answers and no doubt I screwed up on some. Some that I shouldn't have even.


I REALLY REALLY hope I get my results back soon, I am paralyzed in fear. I can't go to the gym and work out, I can't rest, I can't even eat. This is psychological torture.


Anyone who is taking the CSCS exam, MAKE ABSOLUTE SURE you submit your transcripts BEFORE taking the exam, preferably several weeks before hand. That was the mistake I made.

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