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hey, is it hot even though its raining?


Hei @mrbear666

yes, you bet.

Here in Brazil, specially in the Southeast, our Summer comes with a lot of rain and hot weather.

Hot weather begins on September and it goes till May. At this time we got a lot of rain as well. Our Winter begins in June and it goes till August. The we don't have rains. But it happens in the Tropical Weather. Amazon, South and Northeast are different. Acitually we got 5 different kinds of weather here.






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You're welcome.

I love to know about other countries too. I have never been to Europe, and I am looking forward to go, maybe next year. I've to the USA twice and maybe this year I'll be back there.

Anytime u want to visit us here, let me know.

All the best


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Do share some pics with us with all the beach and rain .


Hey with all the beach talks i'l share some pictures with you guys , i went to Goa last month around 26th , its the best place with beaches here in India and always full of tourists specially from Europe . Check out some pics : -



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Hei @Mini, how are you?

Fats comes from Brazil Nuts, Cashews, Almonds, nuts and seeds in general (except sunflower coz I got a serious alergic reaction) and avocados basically. I take 2 flaxseed capsules (softgel) daily.


TodaY: recovering

Tomorrow: GYM


all the best

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Hi, my friends, how are u doing?


Today's routine at the gym:



1. barbell bench press 3x12/10/08

2. barbell incline bench press

3. peck deck flyes

4.Pull overs


Upper legs

5. hips abduction 4x17/15/15/10

6. glutes machine

7. hips adduction



9. reverse crunch - 4x20

10. toe tombs

11. planks



11. triceps pushdowns

12. cable reverse pushdowns (over head)

13. Dips machine

14. close arm bench presses


20 minutes - treadmill - warm up


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Jan, 20th, 2013. Sunday.


Gym: Cardio Day

- 15 minutes: full body stretches (consider I got a back injurie)

- 10 minutes: treadmill - walking 5.0

- 30 minutes: Running (7.5-8.0)

- 20 minutes: walking - 5.5 - high inclined


Diet estimated totals:

Calories: 1629

Carbs: 248 g

Proteins: 73 g

Fats: 29 g

Sodium: 963 g



Got a pretty solid day, both with the diet and the trainning.

Every Sunday my personal trainer sends me my week routines and I'm waiting for that to post some more exercises here. I just returned from my Summer vacation and I am feeling great. Didn't put extra kilos, actually I lost 2 kilograms since December and it's just an amazing victory for me because I struggle to lose weight and to control my hunger for food. It's a mindset I am still working but I'm sure I will do it! Know something? I don't like junk food or fast food, my greatest problems are related to potatoes, white rice, sou milk, soygurts, bananas... lolo. We dind't have this foods here in Brazil when I was a child (I am 36) and thanks God and Mom I am really not into those crap.


So, see you next.



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Wed, Jan 23rd, 2013.


I got just one more week off, then I return teaching, my passion.


HighlightsYesterday I didn't poste because I had some things to do around house...

Had a pretty consistency in diet and training, with a solid cardio workout. My body feels better when I do cardio in one day and alternate the weights. Like, Mondays, Weds and Fridays I go on weights. Tuesdays, Thrusdays and Sats, I go on cardio and abs. I rest on Sundays, but rest means some walking at the park.


So, today is LEG day and SHOULDERS.

As I got a injury on my right shoulder and lower back, there are some exercises I can't do, such as squats and deadlifts. Instead, I do farmer's walk and lunges. I can do most of shoulders but I need to go easy on the weights.


Today is going like this

* DB laterall raises superset with DB front raises @ 6kg each side.

* barbell shrugs @ 40 kg each side.

* farmer's walker @ using 4 kg each dumbbell

* leg extensions @ 30 kg

* hips machine @ 30 kg

* lying leg extensions @ 25 kg

* glutes kickbacks @ 20 kg

* leg presses @ 20 kg each side

* calves @ 60 kg


For shoulders 4 sets x 15-12-12-10 reps

Legs: 3 sets x 17-15-15 reps




Cutting phase isn't easy.

Taking a lot of Vega (www.veganproteins.com) shakes, as Vega One (vanilla), lots of fruits and veggies and grains, such as Brazil Nuts, my favorite source of fat as well as avocados.

At the end of the day, I'll share my estimated totals intakes.



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