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Monday, Jan 28th, 2013.


Bodyweight: (first thing in the morning: 74,2 kg)


Highlights:Hi everyone.

Had such a great day at the gym and with my new diet.

Met my trainer on Saturday and he prepared my new routine and new diet. In the new diet, there are more proteins and it's low on carbs. The new gym got much more cardio than the previous one. According to him, I'll be doing this routine for 60 workouts.


Workout #1


** Stretches: about 15 minutes, specially lower back.

** 40 minutes running (according my polar system, I did burn just here 322 cal... , hope it's right).


Upper legs:

* Leg extensions 4x12x12x12x15 @ 23 kg.

* Leg press machine 3X12X12X15 @ 72 kg.

* Lying leg curls 12x12x12x15 @ 23 kg.

* Dumbbell Lunges 3x12x12x15 @ 20 kg.

Lower legs:

* Seated Calf raises 3x12x12x15 @ 50 kg.



* Double shoulder raise machine 3x12x12x15 @ 23 kg.

* Dumbbell front raises 3x12x12x15 @ 4kg each db.

* Dumbbell lateral raises 3x12x12x15 @ 4kg each db

* Shrugs 4x12x12x12x15 @ 20 kg each side.


Diet (estimated totals):

Calories: 1530

Carbs: 168

Protein: 138

Fat: 31

Sodium: 1654

Sugar: 17


That's preety good for a Monday :):)

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Hi everyone.

Been away due a serious back injury again.

Doctor said even not doing squats and deadlifts the damage in my spine is there and I will have to take care of his for the rest of my life. This is something I have to live it. Had to be some days out of the weights, just light ones and stretching a lot. The result is + 3kg in my bodyweight. That's a shame, but I am trusting in my muscle memory... let's see what it happens.



Still staying positive!!!!!


Today is DAY ONE again


Never stop





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Oh no dresende, what happened..? I am glad you are remaining positive. That's the only way to get through it. There are so many modifications you can make to work around any injury. It's challenging but I know you like a good challenge and you will keep going. Get it!


Thanks my friend.

yeap, you're right, I love challenges and have already make some changes in my routines.

The point is staying positive and moving forward always.

Thanks for the support


All the best



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Looks like a great way to spend a Sunday.


Hope your week has been a good one, what's the weather like in Brazil at the moment?


Hi there.


Yes, great time at the gym

Here is very very hot and wet......Don' t really like hot weather, maybe because it's always hot here....lolo

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what i generally do is to disregard the weight and start taking pictures, always in the same place and position.

That shows results in a better way than trusting only in your weight.


Take some pictures with your shirt off, that will result in some awkward pictures but will help you a lot. You can always hide these pictures =)

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