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Forum member meet-up in Portland at VegFest


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A bunch of members of our forum met up in Portland, OR over the weekend. There were probably two dozen of us in total at the Portland VegFest and here's a small group of us hanging out after VegFest was over.


I don't recall all forum member names but some people in here are:


Lean and Green





MJ Collete




There will likely be a number of other meet-ups this week.


We had a bunch in Austin, TX recently too.


If there are a bunch of members in your area, you should consider hosting a meet-up. It can be a really fun time!

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It was awesome to have you there!


We had many more from our community at the festival over the weekend too. I saw a bunch of forum members and tons of other supporters of our website.


We also had 8 members get together for dinner the following night, with a few of their partners for 11 total at our dinner table


Go Portland!


PS, same type of thing is available in Austin. We have a great forum community there too.

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