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Your favorite kind of running races?

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What are your favorite distances, themes, styles and types of running races?


Fun 5k races?


Themed 10ks?


Full or half marathons?


What sites do you use to find out race schedules for your preferred style of running?

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I like obstacle races. My favorite is Tough Mudder. I've done 3 and will be doing #4 in a week and a half.


5Ks are too short IMO. If I'm going to pay for a race it seem like a waste to spend money for a <30 minute race.


Half Marathons are fun. But I like Tough Mudders slightly better. I'd like to run a full marathon one day but it is a lot of work and time to train for that. I know I'd have to up my calorie intake to min 4K/day and I couldn't spend as much time strength training, which I really enjoy.

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For straight running I think half marathons are great. They are long enough to offer a challenge but not so long as to become time consuming in build up. That said, I am partial to triathlon and do mostly Olympic and Sprint distances races and those tend to be 5k and 10k runs respectively.

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