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Your favorite kind of running races?


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I like obstacle races. My favorite is Tough Mudder. I've done 3 and will be doing #4 in a week and a half.


5Ks are too short IMO. If I'm going to pay for a race it seem like a waste to spend money for a <30 minute race.


Half Marathons are fun. But I like Tough Mudders slightly better. I'd like to run a full marathon one day but it is a lot of work and time to train for that. I know I'd have to up my calorie intake to min 4K/day and I couldn't spend as much time strength training, which I really enjoy.

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For straight running I think half marathons are great. They are long enough to offer a challenge but not so long as to become time consuming in build up. That said, I am partial to triathlon and do mostly Olympic and Sprint distances races and those tend to be 5k and 10k runs respectively.

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