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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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I've made this log to document my general exercise lifestyle. I have no real goals set forth anymore, any time I set a goal I set walled really hard, I think the Universe is trying to tell me to simmer down. So here is the log of no real goals. Sometimes I run, I always lift, sometimes I carry heavy things, sometimes I hike, fast, but mostly I strive to rope peace into my life and live happily.


So here at my new home (I am actually at an internet cafe till I can afford internet at home) in Idyllwild CA, up in the mountains, at 5,000+ Ft, in the woods I find peace with my mom. It's a place of tranquility, a small town where not much changes, the locals are friendly, kind and generous to accept new people into their community. A good place to nurture your Spirit and body. Mom has gone from 175lbs at 5'1 to >130lbs. I have made it a personal goal to get her healthy and she is doing great.


I've set my gym back up again and begun lifting, hiking the trails near my home, and doing various strongmen routines in my backyard, as well, of course, taking mom on walks.


Here I am 1 week back into it. My muscles are rebounding, and so is my Spirit. With new found strength I find peace again.






Bonus Picture



Stay classy kittens.

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Nice, good pics and some of them are humorous too. Some of us need goals, something to work to achieve to keep us motivated. I like that it seems like your goal is peace and that setting goals, for you personally is not the way for you to get there. We're all different. Its cool to see a different perspective like yours. Thanks for sharing your journal.



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First day back after some body weight stuff the week prior. Been painting and cleaning the cabin. Feeling strong and energetic.


9-23-12 10am-10:45am

Weighted Pushups +40# x8x8x8 -> +45#

Chest Flys 2x33# x8x8x8 -> 2x 38#

Weighted Chinups +15# x8x7x4 -> Fail, Stay

Biceps Curls 2x 33# x10x10x9 -> 2x 38#

Abs +10# 3x10 Obliques, 3x10 Abs

Legs X Knee is jacked


Finally have my diet squared away. I feel wonderful. I'm not being strict, I just feel better eating 'strict'. Making sure I am loading up on carbs and protein.


9-25-12 10:45am to 11:57am

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 1x 98# x8rx8lx8b -> 1x 103#

1 Arm Rows 73# x8x8x8 -> +2.5#

Weighted Pullups +10# x7x5x5 -> Fail, Stay

DB Military Press 2x 43# x8x8x5 -> Stay

DB Side Raises 2x 25.5# x10x10x10 -> Slower, Stay

Abs +10# 3x10 Obliques, 3x10 Abs Crunches




9-27-12 9:50am to 10:45am

Weighted Suspension Strap Dips +25# x8x8x8x8 -> +30#

Chest DB Flys 2x 38# x8x8x8x8 -> 2x 43#

Triceps DB Kickbacks x1 15.5# x10x10x10 -> 1x 18#

Weight Vest Good Mornings +50# x10x10x10 -> +60#

Weight Vest Squats +50# x10x10x10 ->60#

Single Weight Vest Calf Raises +50# x12x12x12 -> Stay

Abs +10# 3x10 Obliques, 3x10 Abs Hanging Leg Raises



Still feeling super. I need some extra rest. I am headed South to San Diego to help divamom move.


9-29-12 10:35am to 11:48am

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 1x 103# x8rx8lx8b -> 108#

1 Arm DB Rows 75.5# x8x8x8 -> 78#

Weighted Pullups + 10# x8x7.5x4.5 +6 Negatives -> Fail, Stay

DB Military Press 2x 43# x8x8x6 -> 2x 45.5#

DB Side Raises 2x 28# x10x10x7 -> Stay

Lat Pullovers w/ Plate 25# x10x10xX 2x10# x10 *Try Hammer Grip DBs

Abs +10# 3x10 Obliques, 3x10 Abs Crunches



Training for work today. So it's an early workout, and breaking fast early today. Still I feel good, great, and very strong after 3 days of rest. Helped divamom move. Much love pal. <3


10-2-12 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM

DB Floor Chest Press 2x 63# x8 2x 65.5# x7x7 -> Stay

DB Chest Flys 2x 43# x8x8x8 -> 2x 48#

Weighted Hammer Chinups +15# x8x7x7 -> +2.5#

Biceps Curl Singles 2x 38# x8x8x8 -> 2x 40#

Abs +10# 3x10 Obliques, 3x10 Abs Hanging Leg Raises

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Ran 2.6 miles today through the campground today with only a slight nagging in my knee. Exercising AND checking on the campers.


I am starting to obsess about food so I am going to back off on calorie counting and try and ease my feet into a more instinctive eating style. My goal is to go by loose quantities of things I eat, protein powder, wheat stuffs, veggies, fruits, and legumes. We will see how I sort out.



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10-4-12 10:20AM to 11:35 AM

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 108# x8rx8lx8b

1 Arm DB Rows 2x78# xx8x8x7 - Stay

Weighted Pullups +10# x8x8x5 -> +2.5#

1 Arm DB Military Press 45.5# x8x8x8 -> 48#

DB Side Raises 2x 28# x10x10x9 -> Stay

DB Lat Pullovers 2x13# x10x10x10 -> 2x 15.5#

Hanging Ab Raises x10x10x8 +25# Floor crunches x20x20

Oblique Crunches +25# x10x10x10 -> 35#


Ordered some pea/rice protein, 70% pea and 30% rice. The amino profile fits better with my diet.



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10-6-12 10:47 AM to 12:11 PM Chest-Dips/Triceps/Biceps/Legs/Abs


Weighted Dips +30# x8x7x6 -> +2.5# + Unladen Dips x5x5x5

DB Chest Flys 2x48# x8x8x8 -> 2x 50.5#

Triceps Kickbacks 18# x10x10x10 -> 20.5#

Weighted Chinups +15# x8x7.5x5 -> +2.5# (Form Error) + Unladen Chinups x8x8x6

Hammer DB Curls 40# x9x9x8.5 -> +2.5#

Vest Squats +75# x10x10x10x10 -> 100#

Vest Good Mornings +75# x10x10x10x10 -> 100#

Vest Calf Raises +75# x15x15x15x15 -> 100#

Hanging Ab Raises x10x10x9 + 25# Crunches x22x20

Oblique Crunches 35# x12x15x15 -> 40#


Trying a new routine with more volume on each day while not overloading an individual muscle group. Will look similar to my old one.


A1: Chest-Press/Biceps/Legs/Abs

2x chest, 2x biceps, 3x legs, 2x abs movements


1 day rest till B.


B: Back-Upper-Lower/Shoulders/Abs

1x deadlifts, 2x back-general, 2x shoulders, 2x Abs


1 or 2 days rest until A2, depending on how I feel.


A2: Chest-Dips/Biceps/Triceps/Legs/Abs

2x chest, 1x triceps, 3x biceps, 3x legs, 2x abs


1 day rest till day B.


Getting 13-15 workouts in a month. 2x a week I run. And I walk every day.

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Wow, home in the mountines, sounds perfect. You are so lucky to live there. You should start to climb. I read that Idyllwild is flanked by two large rocks, so cool!


Well, we eat to live, not live to eat. Obsession with food might be dangerous. I agree that we should follow our intuition and eat what our body suggest. Once i planned each meal several days in advance. But it was driving me crazy, I was thinking about food all the time. Now I have just few "rules" in my nutrition: avoiding sugar, wheat (with varying degrees of success) and eat less than guys (sometimes it's hard)


I will follow your log. Have a good week!

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Yep, we have Tahquitz Peak. I can see it from my front door. I don't climb, because I am allergic to falling to my death. (; I do love it here, nurtures the soul. And finally working again is very fulfilling. I like taking care of my mother, which is partly why we settled up here.


Thanks for looking,.


I took today 100% off except for my daily walk with mom (she's lost 40lbs btw on a Vegetarian diet) Still working on her to give up milk.

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Your mother is very lucky to have you

It's cool that she is on vegetarian diet. I wish my parents were vegans or at least vegetarians. But there is no way that would change their nutrition. My mother thinks that veganism is for vain and spoiled people who have too much time in life, so they think about nutrition too much, instead of doing important things.


Rock climbing is safe, average annual risk of death as a concequence of rock climbing per milion people is just 3,13, while 59,52 per milion die in the road accidents.

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I think I am lucky to have mom, she keeps me in check. (;


10-08-2012 Day B 9:56 AM to 11:11 AM

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 113# x8Rx8Lx10B -> 118#

1 Arm DB Rows 78# x8x8x8 -> 80.5#

Weighted Pullups +12.5# x8x7x4 + 4 Negatives -> Stay + Unladen Pullups x4x5x4

1 Arm DB Military Press 48# x8x8x8 -> 50.5#

DB Side Raises 2x 28# x10x10x10 -> 2x 30.5#

Hanging Ab Raises x10x12x10 + 25# Crunches x20x20x20

Obliqye Crunches 40# x15x15x15 -> 45#


Feeling like after day A2 I need an extra day rest. We'll see if I sleep better tonight and tomorrow. Baking bread meow.

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My routines are evolving, I am incorporating some high volume into each day. I feel incredibly strong. I have to restructure my days because some of them drag on too long. I like to keep it under 1.5hrs Today was kind of a cluster fuck as I experiment with high volume.


10-10-12 11:05AM to 12:30PM

DB Floor Chest Press 2x68# x8x7x5 -> Stay

Weighted Pushups +10# x20x20x20 -> Stay (I paused and restarted a lot to eek out 60 reps, another high volume incorporation)

DB Flys 2x 50.5 = Fail 2x 48# x9x7x7 (This will become a x10)

Hammer Chinups +17.5# x10 +20# x8x6 ->

Biceps Curls 2x 40.5# x8x8x8 -> Stay (This will become x10)

Squats 75# x20x20x-> Too much volume, dropping to x15 -> +85# Next week

Goodmornings 75# 20x20 Too much volume, dropping to x15 -> 85# Next week

Calf Raises 753 x20x20x20 -> Stay, moving calves to cardio days, need to chop time off.

Hanging Ab Raises x20x15x10 +25# Crunches x20 to clean up

Oblique Crunches +45.5# x20x20x20 -> Stay


New routine is:


A1: Chest-Press/Biceps/Legs/Abs

3x chest, 2x biceps, 2x legs, 2x abs movements


1 day rest till B.


B: Back-Upper-Lower/Shoulders/Abs

1x deadlifts, 2x back-general, 2x shoulders, 2x Abs


1 or 2 days rest until A2, depending on how I feel.


A2: Chest-Dips/Biceps/Triceps/Legs/Abs

3x chest, 1x triceps, 2x biceps, 2x legs, 2x abs


1 day rest till day B.


Calves go on cardio days, will throw one or two ab days on cardio as well if I feel the workout is dragging on.

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10-12-12 1hr 15min

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 118# x7Rx8Lx8B > 120.5#

1 Arm DB Rows 80.5# x8x8x8 > 83#

Weighted Pullups +12.5# x8x7x5 > Stay

Unladen Pullups x8x5x6

1 Arm DB Military Press 50.5 x8x8x8 > 53#

DB Side Raises 2x 30.5# x10x10x9 > 2x 33#

Hanging Ab Raises x12x11x9 + 45# x25 Crunches

Oblique Crunches 45# x20x20x20 > Stay


Log is from yesterday. Today I ran 30 minutes


I am very happy with my diet. I am getting about 40% protein, 50% carbs and 10% fat at around 2,300kcal. I try and divide my protein up into 40-50g servings every couple hours. I generally eat this.


Break-Fast 10am-12pm: (I drink 1/3 about 15 min before I lift, 1/3 while I lift, and 1/3 after I lift on lifting days)

50g pea/rice protein, creatine, 5g EAAs, some liquid zinc, piece of fruit (After I lift)


Main Meal: (I like to eat this about 2hrs after I start lifting, if I am feeling peckish before I eat 1/2lb bread first)

4 or 5c chickpeas or split peas

1c steamed veggies and some fresh veggies

Some TVP or wheat meat

1/2lb whole wheat bread

(I divide this up into two servings, one I eat about 3hrs later)



Big bowl of oats with some flaxseed or coconut


Snack: (Before I start fasting again at about 8 or 9)

50g pea/rice protein and creatine, maybe a bit of PB


I am getting around 200-225g protein.


I am eating pretty much no soy these days.

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10-14-12 1hr 15 min

Weighted Dips +35# x7x7x6

Unladen Dips x8x10x10

DB Chest Flys 2x 48# x8x1x8.5 > Stay (Aim for 10s)

Triceps Kickbacks 18# x15x15x15 > 20.5#

Chinups W +20# x7x7x6 > Stay

Unladen Hammer Chinups x8x8x8 (Aim for 10s)

DB Squats 96# x15x15x15 > 101#

Vest Good Mornings +50# x15x15x15 > +60#


I am doing well experimenting with my rep scheme for different muscle groups. However I am not focusing on my legs enough, my chest days are too crowded and I am too burnt out at the end to give too much to my legs. So I am splitting my legs off into their own day. I am also working to fix my pullup/chinup and curls and give myself high and low reps on each day. Here is how my new structure will look.


A1: Chest-Press/Biceps/Abs

1x Chest-Press x8

1x Pushups+ x20

Chest Flys x10-15

Chinups x8-15

Curls x8-15

2x Abs x15-20


B: Legs

2x Quads x15

1x Hamstrings x15

2x Calves x15

(When I get more weight I will do an extra quad movement x8 or so)




C: Back-Entire

1x Deadlifts x8

1x Rows x8

1x Pullups+ x8

1x Unladen Pullups x10-12

2x Abs x15-20




A2: Chest/Triceps/Biceps

1x Dips+ x8

1x Unladen Dips x10-15

1x Chest Flys x12-15

2x Triceps x15

Chinups x8-15

Curls x8-15





That means the entire circuit would take 6 days to complete giving me 20 workouts a month and 10 days rest. My old one was 5 giving me 15 workouts a month and 15 days rest.

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10-16-12 1hr 25min

1 Arm DB Deadlifts 123# x8Rx8LX8B > 125.5#

1 Arm Rows 83# x8x8x8 > 85.5#

Pullups +10# x8x~8x5 >Stay Unladen Pullups X~8x~7x~8 (Aiming for 10s)

1 Arm DB Military Press 53# x8x8x8 > 55.5#

DB Side Raises 33# x12x12x12 > 35.5#

Hanging Ab Raises x12x12x12

Oblique Crunches 53# x15x15x15


Going to one weighted pullup 3x8 and one unladen pullup 3x10 OR one unladen pullup 4x10+ I've decided. Feeling very strong, putting on some mass finally.


There is no worse feeling than pushing your body so hard, so far beyond it's limits that every nerve ending, every muscle fiber, and everything logical inside your brain starts screaming for you to cease until it develops into a fiery burning agony, and then you're done, and there is no better feeling than knowing you have the willpower to push your limits and break boundaries. This is why I lift, this is why I fight.


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Thanks man.


No I have not dropped running. I run twice a week for about 30min for around 3.75 to 4 miles. Right now I get a very slight nag out of my knee when I run. But I am certain weightlifting is alleviating a lot of it. I think it might be an imbalance issue which is why I split my legs off onto their own day so I could focus on getting them stronger and more balanced.


Another interesting thing to note is when I stretch before or after I run instead of just beginning to run, on my next run my knee will become more sore.


I hope to be back up to 1hr runs again soon.


I am still mulling over how to restructure my routine. Currently I am training all my muscle groups 2x a week sans legs which I split up over my two chest days. This sounds insane but with my diet the way it is I am getting great recovery. I am also sleeping well and not restless so I know I am not over trained and recovering well.

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Keep up the great work!


As for knee pain, something to consider as well - if you happen to have flat feet by any means (or, are used to wearing shoes with poor arch support for too long), orthotics might alleviate the pain overnight. My left knee was KILLING me last fall/winter, couldn't squat without 3 days of pain afterward, any jumping, crouching or fast movement would set it off as well. Chiro did a foot scan, got some custom orthotics, and I was pain-free within 2 days of wearing them. Sometimes even a slight imbalance or poor arch support can lead to strange knee pain out of nowhere, all it might take is something simple to help correct it as well!

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10-18-12 1hr 20min

DB Chest Press 2x 68# x8x8x6 > Stay

Weighted Pushups +10# x20x~20x~20 > +12.5#

DB Chest Flys 2x 48# x8x7x8 > Stay (Aim for 10)

Hammer Chinups +10# x12x~12x~12 > Stay, aim for easier 12s (High rep week, normally I'd do 20# x8x8x8)

DB Bicep Curls 40.5# x10x10x~10 > 43#

Vest Squats +75# x15x15x15 > 83#

Lunges X Didn't do


Found an ingenious way to work my legs and keep my current format, sorta. I feel like 1/2 month lifting and 1/2 month resting is ideal for me, so here is what I am doing.


A1: Chest-Push x3/Biceps x2/Quads x2

Off - Run - Calves x2

B: Back-Entire x3/Shoulders x2/Abs x2

Off Totally

A1: Chest-Dips x3/Triceps x1/Biceps x1/Quads x2

Off - Run - Hamstrings x2

B: Back-Entirex3/Shouldersx2/Abs x2


I am mixing the rep schemes on muscles groups I find to grow harder than others. For instances my biceps barely respond to 8s, but 10s and 12s, and even 15s do wonders. So on A1 I do one x10 bicep movement, and one x12-15 movement, so I'd drop the weight on hammer chins or chinups and go x12+, then I'd go and do biceps curls or hammer curls x10. Then maybe on A2 I'd go heavy and do x8 on chinups/hammer chins or curls for one movement, or even x15.


I am doing this for lateral deltoids too as I find they respond best to 12+, and legs which seem resilient to training at x12-x15.

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10-20-12 1hr 30 min

Suspension strap dips +35# x7x7x7 > Stay 1 more week

Triceps kickbacks 20.5# x15x15x15 > 23#

Triceps overhead raises 40.5# x9x9x10

Unladen dips x12x12x~12 (HUGE improvement over last week)

DB chest flys 2x48# x9x9x9 > Stay, aim for 12+

Weighted chinups +20# x10x10x10 > 22.5# another huge improvement

Hammer curls 40.5# x12x12x12 > 43#

Vest squats +85# x15x15x15


At this point I nearly puked. So I stopped. I have finally worked out a SOLID plan that I think works super well. I do my normal A and B days going on an every day schedule, alternating between A1 and A2 of course. A2 is longer because I do two biceps and two triceps movements so I'll only do one quadriceps movements on A2. On A1 I can do two quadriceps movements. On my 'off/run' days I will do my calves and/or hamstrings but always include my abs. These will come after A days with the days after B being rest. Here is how it will look.



Off or Run, Calves and Abs


Off totally


Off or Run, Hamstrings and Abs


Off totally


Rinse and repeat.


Yay. ^_^

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