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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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3-2-12 50 Minutes

3 mile jog, 40 min

3x Ab and 3x oblique planks 30-45 sec 10 min


My hand feels great today. Just goes to show you what happens when you take care of your body. Heals quick. I took it very slow on my jog and will only be jogging 1x a week. Now we have:







Cardio - Light Abs




Repeat. I was functioning on this well for a LONG time. I just swapped a cardio day with a leg day.

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3-3-13 1hr 30 min

DB deadlifts 176 x5x5x5x5 > 181

DB shoulder press 146 fail 141 x5x5 / 136 x5x5 > 141

DB rows 156 5x5x5x5 > 161

Weighted pullups +50 x5x5x5x5 > 52.5

DB shoulder side raises 33x20 / 45.5x15 / 63x10 > 35.5 / 48 / 63Hold

DB shrugs 171 12x12x12 > 176

Pullups to failure (30 managed)


I am stuck on shoulders, and accumulating sore spots and mild injuries. Might be time for a week off. I also did manual labor for 3hrs today. Fun. I feel like a million bucks though.

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3-5-13 1hr 45 Min

DB chest press 151x8 146x10 141x12 > 156/151/146

Weighted dips + 47.5 x12x12x12 > +50

Hammer chinups +55x8 +40x10 +30x12 > Hold

Tricep kickbacks 30.5x20 53x15 63x10 > Drop, reverse pyramid 53 / 43 / 33

Bicep curls 28x20 38x15 48x10 > Hold Reverse pyramid

Chinups and decline pushups to failure

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3-7-13 1hr 15min

DB deadlifts 161x8 146x10 131x12 > 166/151/136

DB shoulder press 141x8 126x10 111x12 > 146/131/116

DB rows 146x8 131x10 126x12 > 151/136/131

Weighted pullups 45x8 25x10 15x12 > 47.5/27.5/17.5

DB Shrugs 171x12x12x12

DB shoulder side raises 63x10 45.5x15 33x20 > Hold63/48/35.5

Pullups to failure (35 total)


I'm on a rest week now. Going to sit on my fucking ass and eat. (:

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Hey man, I'm feeling really good but I have the 'haven'tfuckingliftedforaweekitis' So I floundered on everything until my muscles jump back into the game. How are things on your end man? How is the weather?


3-15-13 1hr 20min

DB chest press 176 x5x4x1 171 x4x4 > 176

Weighted hammer chinups +62.5 x5x5x5x5 > +65

Weighted dips +60 x8x8x8 > 62.5

Tricep kickbacks 53x10 43x15 33x20 > 55.5/45.5/35.5

Bicep curls 48 x10 38 x15 28 x20 > Hold through

Chinups and decline pushups to failure


Feeling really strong even though I have the back to weightlifting blues. Been walking fasted every day or other day depending on my schedule. high impact cardio is sparse and damaging. Despite this and stuffing my face over my rest week I have gotten leaner...

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3-16-13 1hr 5 min

Squats 131 x8 116 x10 106 x12 > 141/126/116

Lunges 121 x12x12x12 > 125

Calf raises 151 x20x20x20 > 156

Ab rollers +22.5 x15x15 > +25 Hanging abs +20 x15x12 > Hold

Oblique crunches 65.5 x12x12x12 > 68


I absolutely fucking obliterated my quads. I can barely walk. A good day, all in all. Did a bit of fasted manual labor this AM, raking and such; for my cardio

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A lot of guys are hellbent for mercy on doing their abs, biceps and triceps. I have to force myself to do them at the end of my workouts which is where I put them because I just don't see them as terribly important.


Mini Forklift, what do you think about twice a week training for each muscle group?

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I really wish I would learn from my mistakes, but apparently I am a gigantic fucking idiot who is obsessive compulsive about weightlifting and who over thinks everything. I thought I might have been fighting off a flare up, or may have had a cold; But no, I am horrifically over trained. Depression, sleeping 9+hours a night was not cutting it, was feeling really weak. Yep, you're a dumbass. So I took yesterday off, and I 'll take today off, and maybe tomorrow. Some personal bullet points if I ever do this shit again, which I hope I won't and have learned from my fuck ups and need to read back.


-You cannot expect to lift 5x a week doing a full body routine for 1+hrs and not totally cook your CNS; You shouldn't even be doing a 5 day split.

-You do not function on high volume and should not touch anything over 25 reps for compounds and 30 for isolations and jam pack your days with more than 1-2 movements for compounds and 2-3 for isolation+accessories.

-You really shouldn't be lifting for more than an hour and some change per session.

-More is not always better and more rest is more valuable than more lifting; you should be lifting a maximum of 15-17 times a month with 17 being your absolute top end.

-Please stop fucking around with your routine except for minor tweaks and stick with what was working back through September to January.


Yeah so, someone slap me.

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I checked out a few of his routines and the volume on those exercises/sets would fucking obliterate me. My nervous system seems to spaz out and shut me down when I train with over 25 total reps for an exercise, for 2 maybe 3 maximum exercises per session on compounds and 30 reps max on 1 or 2 exercises for isolations. It would explain why I functioned so well on 4x5 or 3x8.


I actually feel pretty good today. I don't feel drawn out and weak.

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he usually only advocates one working set with a couple of warm ups, i follow it in kinda cycles at the minute, low volume mike mentzer style one week, high german volume type training the next its quite good............ if your better now, maybe it was just a few rough days mate

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I feel a lot better after 2 days of rest. I lifted today and I feel pretty good but I am still kind of shell shocked that I managed to absofuckinglutely destroy my CNS. I reworked my routine and shaved a ton of reps, exercises and sets off, nearly cutting each lifting session in half to 45 minutes. Coupled with my half rest half lifting mentality, I will be in 'recovery' mode for the next few weeks. I still want to add some shrugs, bicep curls, and abs back in, but I am not touching my routine until I'm damn sure I don't make this mistake again, I won't even be reworking a 3x8 into a 6/8/10 even though it's the same reps with about the same workload, which I think may help for a few exercises; not until I know I don't make this fuckup again.


3-19-13 45 min lifting + 45 min fasted walk.

DB deadlift 181x6 166x8 151x10 > 186/171/156

DB rows 151x8x8x8 > 156

Weighted pullups 52.5x6 32.5x8 20x10 > 55/35/22.5

DB Upright rows 2x48 x15x15 > Hold

Pullups to failure (25)


Rest tomorrow, and a walk.

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Thanks champ. I've been enjoying your log, a lot. You're like a bullet, one path, one direction, non stop full force and unwavering. Good luck! Today I rest; having some black coffee before going for a 45 min fasted walk. Then chores and errands. See ya tomorrow.

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3-21-13 1hr (Wasted time setting up for shoulders and scrambling around for my chinup numbers)

DB chest press 176x5 161x8 146x9 > 181/166/151

Weighted chinups (wrote down the wrong numbers in haste) Hold at 65/40/30

Weighted triceps dips +62.5 x8x8x8 > +65

Tricep kickbacks 45.5 x15x15 > 48

Decline pushups to failure (50)

Chinups to failure (25)


So I tried training my shoulders after I did chest press, turns out my shoulders really hate that and I couldn't even get the weight up. I surmise that my triceps are responsible for helping get the weight into position. I had to do a quick substitute and wrote down my pull up numbers by accident. So shoulders on back day = less than ideal, chest day = plain stupid; that means the only place for shoulders to go is on my B days, legs. If that does work out, it's back to C day, back. My workouts are still under 1 hour by 5-10 min, so I am happy about that. I'm still not adding anything until I see damn fit.


Resting and feeding now.

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3-22-13 50 Min 3.6 mile jog 37 min abs 13 min (50 min)

I caved and went for a 3.6 mile jog today, 37 minutes. I was very careful about my form and made sure to run on as much soft surface as possible but I feel like my knees are gonna protest anyway. Fuck it, YOLO. I really enjoy jogging but can really only do it 1x a week without severe repercussions. I also did some isometric ab movements, planks and stuff, and some crunches.


Legs and shoulders tomorrow.

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3-23-13 1hr 13 min (Actually about 45-55 min)

DB+vest front squats 156x6 141x8 126x10 > 161/146/131

DB+vest lunges 151 x16x16 > 156

Standing calf raises 161 x15x15

Standing DB shoulder press 96 x8x8x8 > 101, go to 6/8/10

Lateral delts 48 x15x15


The workout took so long because I am having some serious issues with seated shoulder presses and had to ditch them in favor of lighter standing shoulder presses; which I will take slow and work my way up as much as safely possible with no belt.

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3-25-13 45min lifting + 2hrs of fasted light manual labor and 1 hr of non fasted manual labor

DB deadlifts 186x6 171x8 156x10 > 191/176/161

DB rows 156x8x8x8 > 161

Weighted pullups 57.5x6 37.5x8 25x10 > Hold

DB shrugs 171x15x15 > Hold

DB lateral deltoids - Opted out because I did them 2 days ago before altering my routine

Pullups to failure (30)


A nice 45 min session; I feel very strong. I usually take a 45 min fasted walk every or every other day unless I am working, then I work in the park fasted for 1-2hrs before lifting or before breaking fast. I am going to start putting this in my journal.

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3-26-13 3hr fasted light manual labor.


So, I am very close to maxing the 196lbs of iron I own on deadlifts AND chest press, and squats will follow suit. I am deciding if I wanna buy 4x more 25s to load onto my DBs for 196, essentially maxing the recommended loading weight of my DB handle, or go for 4x35s which will be 178 minimum on Amazon and slightly overload my DB handles.


Doesn't even matter as I cannot afford the extra weight. ):

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