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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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3-28-13 1hr 10 min

DB chest press 181x4 166x5 151x10 > 181/166/156

DB push press 111x6 96x8 81x10 > 116/101/86

Weighted dips +65 x8x8x8 > 67.5

DB chest fly 2x48 x15x15 > 2x50.5

Tricep kickbacks 48 x15x15 > 50.5

Flat pushups to failure (25) Decline Pushups to Failure (15)


I had an incredible workout and despite getting the DB with 181 caught on the wall and dumping it, then trying to go back to finish my reps and frying my chest for 166 as well I felt it was EXTREMELY productive (nailed 15x10 so I bumped that up) I also subbed DB shoulder press for the push press which I had been practicing and it felt AMAZING. My thumb ligament is nearly completely healed and didn't bother me one bit during the workout.

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4-1-13 1 hour 5 minutes (Plus 1hr of fasted light manual labor)

DB deadlifts 191x6 176x8 161x10 > 196/181/166

DB rows 161 x8x8x8 > 166

Weighted pullups + 57.5x6 37.5x8 25x10 > 60/40/27.5

DB shrugs 171 x15x15

DB side raises 48 x15x15 > 50.5

Pullups to failure (30)

Also did some hammer curls and upright rows; 48 x 15 each

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4-3-13 1hr 20min (One of my collars broke so I had to fuck around a lot)

DB chest press 181x4 166x7 156x10 > 181/171/161

DB push press 116x6 101x8 86x10 > 121/107/91

Weighte dips +67.5 x8x8x8 > 70

DB chest fly 50.5 x15x15

Triep kickbacks X Hurt my wrist when my collar failed

Decline pushup to failure x35 (Again wrist)


Well my work out should have been about an hour but one of my collars failed and injured my wrist. It's not horrible but I am taking an extra day of rest to give it plenty of time to heal before my next workout. It's only when I move it a certain way which is only mimicked during chest press so I should be OK for B and C.


I need a solution for a replacement collar as I have no money...


I also developed a unique way to get my DBs into position instead of levering them into place off the floor; I just put the DBs onto a step stool and a crate an roll them off. Saves stress on my wrist.


Failed on 181 anyway. Must keep trying.

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4-4-13 1hr fasted walk.

My wrist is fucking fried. I'm icing it meow but I am going to take tomorrow off before doing B day on Saturday. I plan on taking a nice 1hr long fasted walk.


Injuries suck ass. Unfortunately I have very frail wrists and knees from steroid treatment as a kid.


Can I have some suggestions on wrapping my wrists better?

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4-6-13 1hr

Squats 166x6 151x8 136x10 > 171/156/141 (I will probably start favoring 1 leg squats)

Lunges 156 x16x16 > Hold

Standing calf raises 171 x15x15 > 176

Chinups +67.5x6 47.5x8 32.5x10 > 70/50/35

Bicep curls 38x15x15 > 40.5

Chinups to failure (30)


My wrist feels very good. I am very pleased. My biceps are actually sore from heavy chinups!

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4-8-13 1hr 3 minutes

1 arm DB deadlifts 131.5x6 118.5x8 100.5x10 > 133/118/103

DB rows 166 x8x8x8 > 171

Weighted pullups +60x6 40x8 27.5x10 > 62.5/42.5/30

DB deadlifts max to failure 196# x15

DB shrugs 176 x15x15

DB lateral delts 50.5 x15x15 > Hold

Pullups to failure (25)


What a freaking AMAZING workout. YEAH!

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4-10-13 1hr 20 min

DB chest press 181x5 166x8 151x10 > Hold

DB push press 121x6 111x8 91x10

Weighted dips +70 x8x8x8 > Hold

Weighted pushups +70 x7 > X

DB chest flys 50.5 x15x15 > 53

Tricep kickbacks 50.5 x15x15 > 53


IN YOUR FUCKING FACE PLATEAU. Ahem. I went ahead and brutally smashed my chest plateau today; without re injuring my wrist. Then I went to Chipotle and polished off 1 1/2 burritos, chips, and salsa. I also went ahea an ate 1/4 of a cake.


I am small, 145-150lbs, 5'6' but I am an incredibly happy person. I may not be the biggest guy, or the strongest guy, or the fasted guy, or the most ripped guy, but I fit into my niche like a pro, and I love my human shell.

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4-14-13 1hr 5 min

1 arm DB deadlifts 133x6 118x8 103x10 > Hold

Weighted pulls 62.5x6 42.5x8 30x8 > Hold

DB row 171 x8x8x8 > 176

DB deadlifts at 196 to failure x15

DB shrugs 181 x15x15 > Hold

DB lateral deltoids 2x50.5 x15x15

Pullups to failure x35


I am doing the reps on DB deadlifts per arm now instead of splitting the reps between each arm; so for example it's 133x6 right, and 133x6 left. Absolutely fucking brutal.

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4-16-13 1hr 20 minutes

DB chest press 181x7! 166x8~ 151x6~ > 186/166/151

DB push press 126x6 116x8 96x10 > Hold

Weighted dips +70x8x7x7 > Go to 6/8/10

Chest flys 2x52 x15x14 > Hold

Triceps pushdowns 15x15 14x12 > Drop to 10

Pushups to failure (30)


I am so fucking happy. You cannot even understand my joy. Slamming out 7 reps on 181 after I struggled so hard an injured myself once. I am overjoyed and empowered.

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