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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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4-20-13 1hr 5min + 55min 3.5mi walk

1 arm DB deadlifts 133x6 118x8 103x10 > 135.5/120.5/105.5

Weighted pullups +62.5x6 42.5x8 30x10 > 65/45/32.5

DB rows 176x6 161x8 146x10 > 181/166/151

DB deadlifts till failure 196x20

DB shrugs 181 x15x15 > 186

DB lateral deltoids 2x53 x15x15 > 55.5

Pullups to failure x40


My strength is incredible. I am loving this.

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Not really, lol. I am really slow as I get heavier and heavier and it's so hard to breathe at this elevation. Dolmas is stuffed grape leaves; they are so freaking good. My weekend was good, just very busy between training, eating/cooking, work, and keeping the house up. It seems like eating 4,000+kcal in itself is a full time job. How are you man?


4-22-13 1hr 5 min

DB chest press 186x4 166x7 151x9 > Hold

DB push press 126x6 116x8 96x10 > Hold

Dips +70x6 47.5x8 27.5x10 > 72.5/50/30

Chest flys 2x53 x15x14 > 55.5

Triceps pushdowns 12.5 x15x15 > 15

Pushups to failure (35)

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They are stuffed with brown rice. IDK if you have Whole Foods there but they have them; also any health food store would have them either in the deli case or in cans/jars, sometimes in the olive bar. They are Mediterranean so look in that area. You could also make them; but I tend to be lazy. =P


Dolmas with some garlic hummus and home made pita chips from flour tortillas, and a big bowl of olives. Mmm, MM!

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4-24-13 1hr 5 min

1 leg squats 116x6 101x8 86x10 > 121/101/86

Chinups +72.5x6 +52.5x8 +37.5x10 > 75/55/40

Lunges 161 x16x16 > 166

Calf raises 181 x15x15

Bicep curls 43 x15x15 > Hold

Hammer chinups to failure x35


I am really very happy with how my training is going. Words cannot describe my feelings; the joy to be able to train and sculpt my body and mind is a privilege I hold high. I do not need to force myself to train, I look forward to each session.


With how well I have gotten to know my body, my nutritional and training regime, and my supplements I am very happy to say I do not need to take a rest week every 6 weeks (in most circumstances; I.E. an injury) I am coming up on 6 weeks of training on the 26th and have nearly no signs of over training or inuries. I attribute this to my on off on off schedule mostly, also I am not opposed to taking an extra rest day every two or three weeks. With that said I will pay close attention to my body in these last days of training to get my training/rest schedule just right.


I will be taking two days off because of some training I have for work, then finishing up this circuit and completing one more A/B/C circuit and taking a rest week I think.

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4-27-13 1hr 10min

1 arm DB deadlifts 135.5x6 120.5x8 105.5x10 > 138/123/108

Weighted pullups +65x6 +45x8 +32.5x10 > Hold

DB rows 181x6 166x8 151x10 > 186/171/156

DB deadlifts till failure 196x25

DB shrugs 186 x15x15 > 191

DB lateral deltoids 2x55.5 x15x15x15 > 58

Pullups till failure x45


Still feeling very strong; like I could easily complete 1 or 2 more A/B/C circuit(s).

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I thought I was going to start a new circuit today and get one more done before a rest but I ran into a little issue. It seems that even 1 week later my chest is still fried, I started my warm ups and noticed my chest was a bit sore but kept going, got 186 into position and totally could not move it one little bit. This means my body has built up enough workload on healing that my recovery time is tanked. I got the signal, time for a week off.


I wanted to plan my rest week around mothers day since I am going to San Diego but this just is not going to work.


See you in a week.

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3.6 mile run, 40 minutes


Stopped for 3 and 1 minute to walk and let my knee unwind. Wasn't winded but my knee tightened up and backing off seems to help tremendously for some reason. I'll probably stop here for a few weeks and try and get my 'rest' interval to a very slow jog for 3 min like I have with previous increases.


Feeling pretty good to begin lifting tomorrow.

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5-5-13 1hr 5min

DB chest press 186x2 166x8 151x10 > Hold (Still unsure why I failed out on my max x6 weight, it shoulda been healed after 2 week rest)

DB push press 126x6 116x8 96x10 > Hold, need to work on drive and form

Tricep dips +72.5x6 50x8 30x10 > 75/52.5/32.5

DB chest flyes 2x55.5 x15x14 > Hold

Tricep pushdowns 15 x15x15 > 17.5

Pushups to failure x40


Made a bit of progress today but my chest press could have gone better. Struggled immensely with 186. My chest was still not totally adapted and coupled with the rest week back blues I was only able to manage two reps. I'll just keep slogging at it; when my body is ready it will grow. I am positive my diet and rest is spot on.


Push press needs to be worked on form wise. It's awkward with DBs so I need to sort something out.

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5-9-13 1hr 13min

1 arm DB deadlifts 138x6 123x8 108x10 ea arm > 140.5/125.5/110.5

Pullups +65x6 +45x8 +32.5x10 > Hold

DB rows 186x6 171x8 156x10 > 191/176/161

DB deadlifts to failure 196x 30

Shrugs 191x15x12 (Grip failure) Hold

DB lateral deltoids 2x58x15x15

Pullups to failure +10 x40


I went so hard on deadlift failures my legs were shaking. My arms and legs finally gave out and I just laid in a heap on the floor for about 5 min. Felt good. I'm really happy with my progress.

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5-10-13 48 Min total

3.1 mile run 35 min

Crunches +25 x20x20

Hanging abs +10 x15x15

Side planks +10 x2 sets of 30 sec each side


Been neglecting the ol' abdominal muscles a bit.


Happy that I got my run time back down without walking or slowing down at all! I am now running every off day for 3 off days then taking the 4th rest day for complete rest, save for a 60 min walk. I'll do abs every running day. I'm keeping my mileage around 8-10 miles a week. All the research I have read states testosterone levels start to drop when you get into that endurance zone above 10 miles a week.

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