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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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Did abs and hamstrings today, it's my quasi-off day.


Vest goodmornings 96# x15x15x15 > 101#

Hanging ab raises x12x12x12 Weighted crunches +53# x25x25

Oblique crunches 53# x15x15x15 > 58#


I can see the outline of my obliques, my cuts are getting deeper. Mom says I am under eating since I stopped counting calories but I refuse to believe it or count calories because I think they are bullshit and you cannot quantify the human metabolism.

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10-22-12 1hr 20min

DB deadlifts 126# x8x8x8 > 136#

1 arm rows 85.5# x8x8x8 > 88# Drop 25% 63# x12x12x12

Unladen Pullups x10x10x10 > +2.5#

Pullup negatives +10# x5x6x8 X

1 arm DB military press 55.5# x8x8x8 > 58#

DB side raises 35.5# x10x10x10 Drop 25% 2x 28# x12x12x12


This day was kind of a cluster fuck. I don't feel like I had a good workout. I had to move from 1 arm deadlifts to doubles because of the strain on my shoulder at that weight. Also having trouble with pullups. I feel like I should be adding tons of weight but my form suffers as I get heavier then the reps drop. I tried negatives today and it was way too much stress on my shoulders. Here is how I think I will structure it from now on with abs on my off days.


Single arm DB deadlifts capped at 120ish 3x8

DB deadlifts 3x8-10

1 arm rows 3x8 drop 3x12

Weighted pullups 3x10 (even if I can only do +2.5#)

1 arm military presses 3x8

Side raises 3x10-12 (Right now I am stuck on those 35s so I am doing a drop)

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9-24-12 1hr 20min

DB Chest Press 2x68# x8x8x8

Weighted Pushups +12.5# x20x20x20 > +15# (Fact, this is a 25% drop from DB chest presses, so it's like a drop set)

DB Chest Flys 2x 48# x9x9x9 > Stay (Aim 10-12)

Hammer Chinups +12.5 x10x10x10 > 15#x10s

DB Bicep Curls 2x 43# x9x9 x1DB x9 > 45# x1DB

Unladen Chinups x15x15x~15

Vest Box Squats+DB 100# x15x15x15 > 113#

Vest Lunges +75# x10x10x10 > 100#


I'm seeing much strength increase. I am now chest pressing my body weight with DBs, something I have never been able to do. I am eating so much good quality food, I feel my body thriving. Excited to go for a jog tomorrow.

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you are the man!


need to see you and mom before I move to SF. What's the schedule like on your weekends...and will text mom as well. working for Tampon Queen still but wantto phase her OUT...and limping along with my broken heart...so grateful to you and mom ...you will never know, yeti!


Your workouts look great- glad you found a way to run!!! it is zen on earth,



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10-26-12 1hr 25min

DB stiff leg deadlifts 136# x8x8x8 > 146#

1 arm DB rows 88# x8x8x8 > 90.5#

1 arm DB rows 25% drop 65.5# x12x12x12 > 68#

Pullups +10# x10x10x10x10 > 12.5#

1 arm DB shoulder press 58# x8x8x10 (One of my greatest triumphs considering I could never break 100# shoulder presses in 5 years)

DB side raises 2x 35.5# x12x12x~12 > Stay

DB side raises 25% drop 2x 28# x12x12x12 > 30.5#


I found the issue I was having with pullups. It was the damn vest somehow. I'm not sure, maybe the way the weight sits, but hanging the weight off my waist instead helped dramatically. My energy intake is through the roof. For shits I have been kinda calculating calories after the fact and have been eating well over 3,500kcal daily. Felt a sudden burst of energy on my last set of shoulder press'. FEELS DAMN GOOD! Vegan power!


We are free whenever Amy. You are welcome here any time! We're always here for you, we love you! <3

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10-27-12 1hr 30min

Dips +35# x8x8x8 x0# x15x15x15 > 37.5#

Weighted pushups +15# x20x20x20 > 17.5#

DB chest flys 2x48# x10x10x8 > Stay

Triceps kickbacks 23# x15x15x15x15 > 25.5#

Chinups +22.5# x12x12x12 +0#x15

Vest+DB squats 100.5# x15x15x15

Vest+DB lunges 75# x12x12x12


I feel really good. I am making incredible improvements. I also finally have almost the perfect workout routine for me. It

now looks like this:


A1: Chest-Pushx3/Armsx2/Quadsx2

Off/Run: Abs/Calves

B: Back-Entirex4/Shouldersx2


A2: Chest-Dipsx3/Armsx2/Quadsx2

Off/Run: Absx2/Calvesx1

B: Back-Entirex4/Shouldersx2


Rinse and repeat


For my chest day I am focusing on either dips or push chest movements but am now including only one bicep and one tricep movement per A day. I am also including one weighted bodyweight movement from each A day on the other, so I don't go 8 days without any dips or pushups.

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10-30-12 1hr 15min

DB deadlifts 146# x8x10x10 > X

1 arm DB rows 90.5# x8x8x8 > 93# drop 25% 68# x12x12x12 > 70.5#

Pullups +12.5# x10x10x10x10 > 15#

DB 1 arm shoulder press 60.5# x8x8x8 > 63#

DB side raises 35.5# x12x12x12x12 > 38#


Feeling very accomplished and very strong. Shoulders a wee bit sore since I added crap to my chest days. I am going to scale back somewhere on those. Going to take a day off and rest tomorrow. ^_^

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Nice variation of training in here, keep up the good work.


Where are you running mostly, road or trail?


Thanks, I really like my routine.


The nice thing about my new 2.7 mile loop is that about 1/2 of it is dirt! Also almost exactly half is up hill which I love. I have nearly no pain in my left knee, maybe a dull boo after my 2nd running day in the week. I think it was a muscle imbalance, because I am training my legs hardcore now and it is nearly gone.


I'm settling in nicely and finding my niche in weightlifting. I don't really crave heavy deadlifts anymore, and will never do back or hack squats ever again. I'm saying no to a lot of lifts and variants and never doing them again. I will probably drop the weight on my DB deads and just do stiff legged deads with 100# because I am not comfortable with the popping and clicking coming from my knee. Then when I get a BB I can do some deadlifts, but nothing like the 300+lbs I was pulling. Not worth the risk of injury IMO.


I am quite happy with my lunges and vest+DB box squats even if I could only ever manage to fit 200lbs max on my frame in a clever manner. Still safer, for me, than hack or standard squats.

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Enjoy! And thanks, my motivation is pure desire to push my limits. Today was a day of 100% rest. No lifting, no running, just some wood stacking and a walk with mom. ^_^


I went to a Halloween parade and now I am playing food catch up. Big bowl of oats, big bowl of mashed chickpeas with garlic and veggies, and some animal crackers with PB, plus a protein shake. Mmm.

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11-1-12 1hr 25mn

DB chest press 141# x8x8x6 > Stay

Pushup +15# x20x20x~20 > 17.5#

Dips + 5# x~12x~12x~12 >Stay till 15

DB chest flys 2x48# x10x8x8 > X

Hammer chinups +15# x12x12x12x12 > 17.5#

Triceps overhead raises 40.5#

Vest+DB squats 103# x15x15x15 108#

Vest+DB lunges 80# x15x15x15 > 85#


Cooked. I feel great though!

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Felt like I was gonna blow chunks while weightlifting, grabbed some of mom's snack crackers only to discover later they had milk in them. ): Poor little baby cows and momma cows. I'm sorry.


I need to eat a few hours before I weightlift. I can no longer go on with just a protein shake before/during/after lifting. My lifting days are way too extreme.


11-3-12 1hr 25min

Stiff leg DB deadlifts 96# x10x10x10 > 101#

1 arm DB deadlifts 98# x8x8x8 > 100.5#

1 arm DB rows 93# x8x8x8 > 95.5# drop 25% 70.5# x12x12x12 > 73#

Pullups +15# x10x10x8x7 > Stay

1 arm DB shoulder press 63# x8x8x8 > 65.5# (I must get a belt to stabilize my trunk while doing these)

DB shoulder flys 38# x12x12x12x12 Stay 1wk

Hanging abs x15x15x15

Oblique crunches 55.5# x15x15x15 > Stay


My body is strong, now I need to work on my mind and soul. I am setting forth a new goal to contact all my family and friends at least once a week and provide support to them through their struggles.

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love that you are blending the mind w/ the body. In MN and Chicago all week, and then FL. I am slated to leave to SF ASAP...new adventures...need to see you and mom, trying to see how to squeeze in Idylwild. Hugs to you both. and for the record..doing better. not much...but everyday I try. You two are a lesson on Inspiration! xoxo

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Glad you are mending a bit Amy and hopefully finding a center again. You know mom and I are here for you always, feel free to stop by whenever! The house is pretty much fixed up now and very cozy!


11-5-12 1hr 35min

DB chest press 141# x8x8x7 > 146#

Pushups +17.5# x20x20x20 > 20#

Dips +5# x12x12x12 > 7.5#

DB chest flys 48# x8x7x9 > X

Chinups +22.5# x12x12x~12 > 25#

Triceps kickbacks 25.5# x15x15x15x15 > 28#

Squats 108# x15x15x15 > 118# drop to x12

Lunges 80# x15x15x15 > 85# drop to x12


I feel blessed to lift. Steady progress ahead!


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Haha, thanks Amy.



Stiff leg DB deadlifts 101# x10x10x10x10 > 111#

1 arm DB deadlifts 103# x8x8x8 > 105.5#

1 arm DB rows 95.5# x8x8x8 > 98# drop 25% 73# x12x12x12 > 75.5#

Pullups +15# x10x10x10x10 > X

1 arm DB shoulder press 65.5# x8x8x8 > Stay 1 week

DB shoulder flys 38# x12x12x12x12 ? 40.5#


Struggled with shoulders more than I wanted. Going to hold at 65.5 for one week.

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Taking a day off today, 100% rest. I'll just go for a walk later. Just started a nice fire for mom and myself and am sitting here with a big cup of tea chilling. Planning a 1/2 week off around Thanksgiving, 3 or 4 days of absolute rest.


I am thankful for the ability to lift. (:


I hope my pal Amy/divamom comes to visit us soon! <3

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