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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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D-aspartic acid is also great test booster my friend and one of the few proven scientifically to work. its pretty cheap too as you can just buy the powder instead of a fancy brand. hope you managed to have a good christmas regardless.






My blood work shows that DAA does absolutely nothing for me. Not sure if Mikes supplement is working. I am just starting to gain ground.


Six nights of sleep and my body is starting to get the upper hand, the first five sucked but last night was the turning point. I've been slamming way more calories than I need resting to give my body the energy to work on my endocrine system and hormones. A lot of healthy dietary fat, the perfect fuel for hormones. I am eating nearly 45% of my calories from whole fat coconut milk/oil, avocados, pistachios, walnuts, macadamia, almonds, cashews, tahini , sunflower seed butter, flaxseed, and olive oil. And it's really starting to make a sizeable dent as I woke up feeling amazing.


Another few weeks and I should be able to do some wind sprints and basic calisthenics to prime my body to get back to lifting.

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So something is definitely changing in my body. Despite being off weightlifting I am actually getting leaner and my muscles are getting fuller, all despite the fact I am over eating? I suspect my body is carb intolerant and/or insulin resistant so with me ditching grains and starches the insulin blunting free test is starting to rebound. Another thing I think is happening with my new increased fat intake is that my cholesterol is going up making more available to my healing endocrine system to make hormones with which could be making me leaner. I also suspect this because of my sore knees, my body may be rebalancing estrogen and testosterone. I have been getting stomach cramps but I suspect this is from my guts healing from the inflammation and rebalancing to my new macros and lack of wheat. The fatigue is setting in a lot later too, 3 or 4 vs noon.


All of this leads me to believe my body is on the mend and making changes for the better. I will just have to wait and see and have all my panels redone in mid January. There is a lot going on with all the dietary and lifestyle changes I have made and it's a lot to keep track of.

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Still on the mend. I just order two more 45lb plates for my home gym. Up to 371lbs in bars/iron now. I also ordered some pro wrist wraps along with some misc. supplements. Got get my belt from strength shop and some chains but I still have a few weeks left to rest.


Feeling pretty darn good with the dietary fat intake. I hit 3000 Kcal today with 50% being fat. Sunday treat was a Stevia soda and 80% dark chocolate dipped in sunflower butter.

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Well I am resting very nicely. In the past few days have been sleeping about 10hrs a night. The horrific bags under my eyes are gone. I still have really low Libido but the dreadful fatigue is gone. Not sure if Mike Mahler's supplement is working but I will have to have my hormones tested to find out for sure. I am still slamming a lot of dietary fat to get my cholesterol up. But I feel like I am at the tippy point where I am losing the testosterone boosting effects of exercise so I may run some sprints next week and/or body weight training the following week.


Apparently my cholesterol could take months to go up as well as my hormones so I need to be careful when I get back to training not to destroy myself.

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Well I just got my bloodwork from the beginning of December. It was a perfect storm of an imperfect diet and me fucking around with my hormones through untested means (amino acids my body produces naturally ) Moral of the story is not to go manipulating any one hormone because our body will just down regulate to attempt to keep homeostasis. D aspartic acid jacked up my prolactin, lowering my testosterone by some means and spinning me off into a violent flare. The inflammation then lowered my testosterone even more.


Your body makes a set amount of d aspartic acid and forcing it up by artificial means is no good.


My liver enzymes are down as us my prolactin. My testosterone total, free and bio have all DOUBLED. Just by nixng DAA, resting, and fixing my vitamin D (last is questionable as it as have not yet gotten hugh enough to make a change.)


The key here is my diet could have been better and is now with the removal of all grains and chemically pressed oils to prevent inflammation as well as higher fat. And I should not have screwed with DAA.


Excited to get back to lifting and have my blood tested again to see if my grain free high fat diet has increased my natural levels any. Going to be looking to see if I maximized my cholesterol and if my triglycerides dropped with the removal of grains and to see if Mike mahler 's supplement helped any with estrogen, SHBG and testosterone.


Oh and just to clarify. This is only partially my fault. Fuck you Crohn's.

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