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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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12-6-12 1hr 15min

DB stiff leg deadlift 146# x10x10x10 > X

1 arm DB deadlift 113# x8x8x8 > 115.5#

1 arm DB deadlift 105.5# x8x8x8 > 108#

Pullups +22.5# x10x10x~10 > 25#

DB shoulder press 106# x8x8x8 > 111#

DB shoulder side raises 43# x10x10x10 > 45.5#

DB shrugs 116# x10x10x10 > 121#


Dropped a set off my 1 arm rows and lateral deltoid raises. Threw some shrugs in. I feel mighty.

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Just made an interesting discovery while looking at my running route.


My supposed 4.25 mile route is in fact 5.1~ miles. I am quite surprised to realize this as it means I am running each mile in 8 3/4 minutes at a 6.8mph pace.


On my fast days which I do in 43 minutes I am running each mile less than 8 1/2 minutes a 7.11mph pace.

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Haven't forgotten about you, work just ended up being crazy busy and then turned to shit when one of our 3 computers crashed in the shop. Spent most of one day having to write all of the sales down as it was our operating system that went tits up.


Planning on a quieter and less stressful time this coming week !! Good work with all the running btw.

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12-8-12 1hr 15min

Weighted pushups +80# x5x5x5x5 > 82.5# (Just FYI, doing unladen pushups on two scales I move 105-110# of my body weight)

Squats 146# x8x8x8 > X

Weighted dips +40# x5x5x5x5 > 42.5#

Chinups w/ alternating hand width+ 37.5# x5x5x5x5 > 40#

Triceps overhead raises 65.5# x8x8x8x8 > 68#

Bicep curls 43# x8x8x8 > Stay 1 week.


For standard chins I like to do one close, two mid, and one wide gripe alternating between sets, also had to drop bicep curls, one because I fried em on chins and two because I am focusing on full ROM on them. Always feels so damn good to get that heavy weight vest off after the end of my workouts. Got some weird mild muscle pain in my anterior deltoid, tomorrow is a day off so I'll rest it.

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I went to this 'Holiday' party and there was almost literally no Vegan food, I mingled a bit but got bored of telling people why I was not eating the food or throwing back copious amounts of booze, finally I retreated to the main hall of the nature center where all the fucked up stuffed animals were, it was either that or drunks, but there I found a bunny named Stuart, another Vegan! Him and I hung out for the remainder of the night, sharing carrots and celery. I'm so freaking antisocial.



9hrs of sleep last night. Resting today.

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I hurt my right anterior deltoid mildly a few days ago. I barely feel anything from it now but I know it's not 100% and will be sore after I lift today. I rested 100% yesterday so instead of doing B day Heavy today and running tomorrow, I will run today and do floor crunches so I don't have to hang off my shoulder and lift tomorrow. So I am just swapping em.


When I go back to lifting tomorrow it should be 100%.


It kind of messes my on/off schedule up, but I don't wanna fuck my shoulder up.

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I have extremely fragile shoulders so if I feel something is amiss with mine I don't screw around. I'll stop for days until it's totally healed. Before I started lifting I had literally no shoulder mass. I could pick up a gallon of milk and hurt my shoulder.


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12-11-12 1hr 20 min

DB stiff leg deadlift 146# x8x8x8 > X

1 ar DB deadlift 118# x6x6x6 > 123#

1 arm DB row 113# x5x5x5x5 > 115.5#

Weighted pullups +27.5# x5x5x5x5 > 30#

DB seated shoulder press 116# x5x5x5x5 > 121#

DB shoulder side raises 45.5# x8x8x8x8 > 48#

DB shrugs 126# x10x10x10 > 131#


Shoulder feels really good. No issues. Day of rest tomorrow then a light A/B cycle.

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12-13-12 1hr 15 min

DB chest press 146# x8x8x8 > X

Dips +27.5# x10x10x10 > 30#

Chinups + 37.5# x8x8x8 > 40#

Triceps kickbacks 35.5# x10x10x10x10 > 38#

Bicep curls 48# x7x7x7 > Holding at 48# 3x8

Lunges 105.5# x10x10x10


I am not happy continuously dropping my bicep curl weight as my chinup weight goes ever higher. So I am sticking at 2x48# at 3x8 (or however many reps I can eek with good form) until they see fit to grow and I can add reps. I try and keep solid form while curling, no wiggling or anything, get the weight nice and deep into the ROM, and it's hard as hell after you chin the equivalent of 185+ lbs for 3 sets of 8.

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Cold, snowy, icy, no proper running shoes for this sort of thing. Wrapped my feet in plastic bags and off I went. Didn't time it.


Ran 5 miles. Had to use a different route, so unsure, there was a lot of ice. Also did:

Hanging abs +2.5# x12x12x12 > +5#

Obliques 65.5# x10x10x10 > 68#

Calves 136# x12x12x12 > 141#

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12-15-12 1hr 15 min

DB deadlifts 146# x8x8x8x8 > X

1 arm DB rows 108# x8x8x8x8 > 110.5#

Weighted pullups +25# x8x8x8 > 27.5

DB seated shoulder press 111# x8x8x8 > 116#

DB shoulder side raises 45.5# x8x8x8 > 48#

DB shrugs 136# x10x10x10 > 146#


I've started rotating between pea/rice protein and soy protein. Trying to keep things fresh.


Really could use some extra weight for my deadlifts/chest press/squats, and a bar. Soon, hopefully.

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