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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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Totally jealous of your Summer weather. I live in Idyllwild CA, at 5,250 feet, on the West edge of the Palm Desert. So when it snows, it doesn't stay, our night time low is only about 30 or so, daytime, 40 or 50 F. I do want to move back to San Diego though for the constant Summer. Gotta get mom settled first.

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12-17-12 1hr 15min

Weighted pushups +82.5# x5x5x5x5 > 85#

Squats 146# x8x8x8 > X

Weighted dips +42.5# x5x5x5x5 > 45#

Hammer chinups +37.5# x5x5x5x5 > 40#

Triceps overhead raises 68# x8x8x8x8 > 70.5#

Bicep curls 48# x8x8x6 > X


Forgot to update this till now. I just ate an entire pie.

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12-19-12 1hr 20 min

DB deadlifts 146# x8x8x8x8 > X

1 arm DB rows 115.5# x5x5x5x5 > 118#

Weighted pullups +30# x5x5x5x5 > 32.5#

DB shoulder presses 121# x5x5x5x5 > 126#

DB shrugs 146# x10x10x10 > X

DB shoulder side raises 48# x8x8x8x8 > 53#


Tomorrow I will rest 100%. I need to go chop wood now and dig holes in the campground. Woohoo!

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Resting today, only slept 8 hours. It's been bitter cold here and mom and I heat with wood so I woke up early to make sure when she got up the house wasn't too cold. She refuses to buy a little oil filled heater for these sub 30 degree nights. But she is quite a bit more frail than I and I do not want her health to suffer.


Gotta chop some more wood today. We're getting into Idyllwild's dead of winter and when we get back from San Diego on the 28th it'll be bone chilling through January.

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12-21-12 1hr 35 min

DB chest press 146# x8x8x8x6 (Had to add another set, too easy)

Weighted dips + 30# x10x10x10 > 32.5#

Weighted chinups varying grip width +40# x8x8x8 > 42.5#

Tricep kickbacks 38# x10x10x10x10 > 40.5#

Bicep curls 48# x7x7x7 > X

Lunges 108# x10x10x10 > 113#

Unladen chinups super close grip x10x10x10


Also chopped wood and dug some holes for a few hours. I need more iron. MORE DAMNIT.

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12-24-12 1hr 30 minutes

DB deadlift 146# x8x8x8x8 > X

1 arm DB row 110.5# x8x8x8x8 > 113#

Weighted pullups +27.5# x8x8x8 > 30# + Unladen 3x10

Seated DB shoulder press 116# x8x8x8 > 121#

DB shoulder side raises 48# x10x10x10x10 > 50.5#

DB shrugs 150# x10x10x10 > X


Had to lift in a gym today, kinda sucked. I dislike gyms, but am grateful to have been able to lift.

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12-26-12 1hr 20 min

Weighted pushups + 85# x5x5x5x5 > 87.5#

Lunges + 115# x10x10x10 > 120#

Weighted dips +45# x5x5x5x5 > 47.5#

Weighted chinups varying grip width +40# x5x5x5x5 > 42.5#

Tricep overhead raises 70.5# x8x8x8x8 > 73#

Bicep curls These were a cluster fuck. I'm gonna drop the weight down to 30# next time

Super close grip chinups, unladen x8x8x8 > to 10s


All in all a good day. I will be taking a day of rest tomorrow. I'm also cutting nearly all sugar from my diet and reducing salt.

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Rest today. A bit under 8 1/2 hours sleep. Time to rest. (:


Today I want to add a new part to my log. Something I am working on very hard. Ever since I was little dealing with my medical condition and with my relentless peers caused a lot of distress to me, to the point where I developed anger issues. Anger issues I am still dealing with today. I can become relentless, angry, cruel, and mean when I lose control. I am guilty of not being a nice man at times.


This is not right. This is a bastardization of how my mother raised me, and what this society needs is not another jerk, but a gentle soul to guide people along and nudge them in the right direction.


With a new blossoming relationships in my life I've begun to gain control of my emotions. I am finding a deeper sense of inner peace and control and I have made it my goal to keep it this way.


Typing this out helps me because I am learning what helps me gain control and what doesn't. Forcing an un natural demeanor seems to work for a while, then it builds up and I snap again. Hiding my true personality behind a bubbly exterior is just as much of a lie as being a mean grouch. Telling people how it is, it is not me being mean, but just a clause of my personality, I am very straight forward and often times while correcting my anger issues I have surpressed this. The more I let my true self shine out, the more days I get under my belt of being patient, clam, and compassionate, the easier it gets.


I attribute this to a woman who has entered my life. I am now finding it much easier to hold true to the path and correct my emotional issues and I want to document it here to help me hash it out in writing.


Thanks for reading my log guys. Love you all.

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