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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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Thanks buddy. (:


1-16-12 1hr 15 min

Run 5.3miles in 48 min 43 seconds

Crunches x12+Isometric holds x12 +Isometric holds, Hanging abs +10# x12x12

Oblique side crunches 80.5# x10x10x10 > 83#


I'm using a new route because of all the ice, it's a lot harder to run, plus my CNS is kinda fried. That's it for me, I'm resting until the 23rd.

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Day 2 of my rest period. Sleep finally returns to me. I was most certainly over trained.

over training results in sleeping problems?


It may be different for others. But I find, personally, that my sleeping habits become inefficient and I start to get behind on restful sleep when I over train.

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I went through a Crohn's flare for the first part of my rest week, which ate the first few nights of sleep while I stayed in limbo as my body fought the flare. I'm done flaring and finally feeling my body heal. Two more nights of rest till I go back to lifting. I'm feeling stronger again and more focused.

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1-23-13 1hr 52 min

DB chest press 146# x8x8x8x6x3 + 15 sec isometric

Weighted dips +37.5# x10x10x10 > +40#

Weighted chinups +47.5# x8x8x8 > +50#

Triceps kickbacks 45.5# x10x10x10x10 > 48#

Bicep curls 43# x8x8x8 > Hold

Quads 146# x8 Squats x8 Lunges x8 Squats x8 Lunges

Unladen chinups x12x12x12 > X

Decline pushups +10# x12x12x12 > +15#


I kicked my own ass today, hard, after a week of rest. I am cracking down on all the extra food I eat in my diet in a bid to get leaner and making a few changes in my normal diet.

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I'm just getting rid of extra snacking, stuff that doesn't benefit my diet, like empty kcal without a lot of protein. The weather here has been great, but it rained today, which wasn't too bad. The cold snap we had was fricken brutal. How are things at your end? How's your training man?


1-24-13 1hr 10 min

Run 5 miles 50 min 25 sec

Hanging ab raises +10# x12x12x12 + 15 sec isometric

Obliques 83# x10x1x10 > 85.5#

1 Leg Calves 83# x12x12x12 > 85.5#

Crunches x12+40 sec iso x12+30 sec iso x12+20sec iso

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sounds good mate, youll be lean and mean ready for summer! the cold has gone from here now too thank god training is bit crap my end to be honest my back is really getting in the way of things, nevermind tho, just another challenge i suppose! let us know how you get on with the diet revisions!

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Thanks man.


1-25-13 Rested


1-26-13 1hr 32min

DB deadlifts 146# x8x8x8 > X

1 arm DB rows 118# x8x8x8 > 120.5#

Weighted pullups +35# x8x8x8 > 37.5#

DB shoulder press 131# x8x8x7x~6 > 136#

DB shoulder side raises 55.5# x10x10x10 > 58#

1 arm DB shrugs 78# x10x10x10 > 80.5#

Unladen pullups x12x12x~12


I'm very happy with my strength coming back from my rest week, especially as I rebound and get back in the swing of things. I'm made some more changes to my high/low full body routine such as dropping side raises back from 4x to 3x, dropping shrugs to 3x, and dropping my rows back to 3x, plus a couple more.


I will also be doing something with my cardio. I'm noticing a lot of fatigue on my knees/ankles, a lot of popping and clicking, so I think I might drop one distance running day and sprint instead. If anyone would chime in here, I'd appreciate this.


I'm being pushed to do a split routine but I just don't like them. I feel like I would feel underworked doing a full body routine with my limited weights and exercises. I'd much rather get more iron and focus on my compound movements. I really love my high/low routine now. I feel like I am getting a huge variety in there.


I've moved some meals around in my diet, dropped a few things, increased a few things. I'm happy with it.

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1-28-12 1hr 55 min

Weighted pushups +97.5# x5x5x5x5 > +100# (About 200-210# including my body weight)

Weighted dips + 52.5# x5x5x5x5 > +55#

Weighted Hammer Chinups +50# x5x5x5x5 > +52.5#

Triceps overhead +78# x8x8x8 > 80.5#

Bicep curls 43# x8x8x8 > Hold

Qudas 146# Squats x8x8 Lunges x8x8 > X

Unladen chinups x12x12x12

Weighted Decline pushups +35# x10x10x10 > +40#


I'm incredibly pleased with my strength and size, even with my limited equipment. My physique is very startling. If I had access to more equipment and some more supplements I am confident I could surpass my preconceived notions of what my body is limited to.


I'd like to get some BCAAs in a 4:1:1 ratio (Leucine being dominant) 2x more 25s, 2x 45s, and an olympic bar. It'd really skyrocket my goals.


As for my cardio debacle. I'm just going to sprint and walk, and run maybe once a week. Right now I have an issue with my little toe. I went to bed fine last night, woke up and it hurt very bad. ):

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1-30-13 1hr 33 min

1 arm DB deadlifts 125.5# x6x6x6x6 > 128#

1 arm DB rows 125.5# x5x5x5x5 > 128#

Weighted pullups +40# x5x5x5x5 > +42.5#

DB shoulder press 136# x5x5x5x4 > 141#

DB shoulder side raises 60.5# x8x8x8 > 63#

1 arm DB shrugs 80.5# x10x10x10 > 83#

Unladen pulls x12x12x12


Forgot to update my log yesterday. Mom and I made Vegan pizza for about 10 bucks, it was delicious.


Does anyone know if there is any truth to the 'keep your workouts at or under 1hr rule'? I've decided that my chest days are too long, regardless, and I could really do with dedicating myself to each half of it better. Plus I kind of wanted to try and split this goes well with my jack of all trades routine master of none, it's kind of a split, but not. Plus I think spreading the whole magic of weightlifting out further will be better.


Here is my new routine, the whole circuit.



Day A: Chest/Triceps

4x8 DB chest press

3x8 Weighted decline pushups

3x10 Weighted dips

3x10 Triceps isolation


Day B: Legs/Biceps

4x8 Quadriceps

4x10-12 Hamstrings

3x12 Calves

3x8 Chinups or hammer chinups

3x8 Biceps isolation


Cardio Light/Rest


Day C: Back/Shoulders

3x8 DB deadlifts

3x8 DB rows

3x8 Weighted pullups

3x8 DB shoulder press

3x10 DB lateral side raises






Day A: Chest/Triceps

4x5 Weighted pushups

4x5 Weighted decline pushups

4x8 Weighted dips

3x8 Triceps isolation


Day B: Legs/Biceps

4x8 Quadriceps

4x10-12 Hamstrings

3x12 Calves

4x5 Chinups or hammer chinups

3x8 Biceps isolation


Cardio Light/Rest


Day C: Back/Shoulders

3x8 DB deadlifts

4x5 DB rows

4x5 Weighted pullups

4x5 DB shoulder press




As a natural product of me splitting days, and my limited amount of iron, on each day I am getting a wider variety of rep/set ranges, that is why deads are 3x8, and chest press is 4x8, no more weight. Cardio will be long walks, and sprinting, maybes farmers walks. Then I am capping my runs at 5 miles 1x a week once my knee is totally healed. A total circuit will take 10 days, so I will be doing about 3 circuits a month.

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Yesterday was a rest day. I cut wood for an hour or so. Started my new routine today, but I made some revisions to make it a quasi upper/lower split, high rep/low rep thingy.



A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

B: Legs/Core

C: Back/Shoulders



A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

B: Legs/Core

C: Back/Shoulders



I am so used to squashing my leg training into my chest day and taking one day rest before doing B (With good results and no over training) that doing it on it's own day allows me to not take any rest between A/B/C; because it is essentially an upper/lower/upper split. I can now fit a full circuit in in one week and train everything 2x a week, which is not dissimilar to my A/B circuit except I am doing it in 7 days instead of 8 now and lifting 26x month instead of 15x. My one non-dedicated lifting day per week will probably be a long walk or a jog.


2-1-13 1hr 30min

DB chest press 146# x8x8x8x8 > X

Weighted dips + 40# x10x10x10

Weighted decline pushup +40# x10x10x10

Weighed chinups +50# x8x8x8 > +52.5#

Triceps kickbacks 48# x10x10x10 > 50.5#

Bicep curls 43# x8x8x7 > Hold

Unlanden hammer chinups x12x12x12 > x

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2-2-13 1hr 10 min

1 leg squats 80# x8x8x8 > 85#

Lunges 146# x8x8x8 > X (Going to 5 lunges per leg, or 10 total lunges, so 3x5)

Hamstrings 108# x10x10x10x10 > 113# (Going to 3x10 and I might load up more than 5 extra lbs)

1 leg calf raises 85.5# x12x12x12

Ab rollers +0# x12 +10# x12x12 > +15#

Oblique crunches 88# x10x10x10


Today's new B day was a bit of a cluster fuck while I worked out the kinks and figured out how I want it to go. Other than that it was a nice little session that focused on my legs and abs wonderfully instead of half assing them. From now on it'll look like this:


1 leg squats 3x8

lunge 3x5 ea leg

good mornings 3x10

1 leg calf raises 3x12

ab rollers or hanging abs 3x12

oblique crunches 3x10

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2-23-12 1hr 30min

DB deadlifts 146# x8x8x8

DB rows (2x DBs) 126# x8x8x8 > 131#

Seated shoulder press 136# x8x8x6xFail > 136#

Weighted pullups +37.5# x8x8x8 > +40#

DB shoulder side raises 2x58# x10x10x~10 > 2x60#

1 arm DB shrugs 83# x10x10x10 > 85.5#

Unladen pullups x12x12x12 > X


Hopefully next month I can afford two more 25s.

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2-5-13 1hr 35min

Weighted pushups +100# x5x5x5x5 > 102.5#

Weighted dips +55# x5x5x5x5 > 57.5#

Weighted decline pushups +50# x8x8x8 > +55#

Weighted hammer chinups +52.5#

Triceps overhead raises 80.5# x8x8x8 > 83#

Bicep curls 43# x8x8x8 > 45.5# (For hammer chinups only)

Unladen close grip chinups x12x12x12 > X

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2-7-13 Rest


The weather turned cold quick and we got some snow today so yesterday I cut some wood to prepare for the 4-5 day cold snap we are currently in.


2-8-13 1hr 40 min

1 arm DB deadlifts 128# x6x6x6x6 > 130.5#

1 arm DB rows 128# x5x5x5x5 > 130.5#

DB shoulder press 141# x5x Failx4xFailx3 Drop 136# x5 > Hold 141#

Weighted pullups +42.5# x5x5x5x5 > +45#

DB shoulder side raises 126# x8x8x8 > 131#

1 arm DB shrugs 85.5# x10x10x10 > 88#

Unladen pullups x12x12x12


With the 146# I have shoulders are the only movement being challenged right now. I failed pretty hard at 141# shoulder presses but that's ok, with everything maxed It gives me something to work at.

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Forgot to update my log yesterday.


2-10-13 1hr 21min

DB chest press 146# x8x8x8x8 > X

Weighted dips + 42.5# x10x10x10 > +45.5#

Weighted decline pushups +55# x8x8x8 > +60#

Weighted chinups +52.5# x8x8x8 > +55#

Tricep kickbacks 1 arm 50.5# x10x10x10 > 53#

Bicep curls 1 arm 43# x8x8x8 > 45.5#

Unladen hammer chinups x12x12x12 > X


2-11-13 1hr 19 minutes

1 leg squats 93# x8x8x8 > 95.5#

Lunges 146# x12x12x12 > X

Hamstrings 123# x10x10x10 > 133#

1 leg calf raises 93# x12x12x12 > 95#

Ab rollers + 17.5# x12x12 > +20# / Hangng abs +17.5# x12x12 > +20#

Oblique crunches 93# 10x10x10 > 95.5#


I should get two more 25# plates today. WooWee! Made some more tweaks to my diet. Up around 300g protein now, about 3,500kcal. May get some BCAAs soon and throw 10g or so in.

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