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Yetis New Log: New Goal = No Goal

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Thanks buddy! Hope you're well!


2-12-13 1hr 22min

DB deadlifts 151# x8x8x8 > 156#

DB bent over rows 131# x8x8x8 > 136#

DB shoulder press 136# x7x8x8 > 141#

Weighted pullups +40# x8x8x8 > 42.5#

DB shoulder side raises 2x 60.5# x10x10x10

DB shrugs 176# x10x10x10 > 181#

Pullup drops +10# x12x12x12 > Hold


I feel absolutely incredible. It's so much easier having these two new 25# weights. So much easier than using two 10s and a 5. Also, the progression this new 50# will allow is going to be great. My size gains have stalled because I ran out of iron, but not for the next couple months! I feel incredibly strong and energetic.


My plan for my next purchases are two 45# weights, and an Olympic bar. Perhaps some collars.

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300 g of protein?! I wanna do...only whats an old lady gonna do with all that muscle!


Say hi to Mom...will be in San Diego for a few days visiting my nasty, not so nice but I love them to death chirruns. the female one needs a smack or two, but it certainly will not be by my hand, I could be accused of abuse...again...oy..gotta laugh.


Your workout is insane, God job! I have been real sick to my stomach so just a lot of cardio...averaging teh equivalent of 7 miles day running and I was lifting , but last two weeks...hard when my stomach acts up..as you are aware of in your own life. But I look real lean and semi ripped. Again, whats an old lady gonna do with all that muscle?



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Heya Amy! Yeah I wanna get my protein higher. I'd rather have too much in my diet than not enough. Ideally I'd like to get uo to 350g or so but I am already eating like a horse. Sorry your guts are still no beuno, and about your kiddos. ): I'll give mom the best. And as always, if you feel like it, swing by the mountain and say hi!

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2-14-13 1hr 25min

DB chest press 156# x5x5 > 161# x5x5 > 166#

Weighted dips +57.5# x5x5x5x5 > +60#

Weighted hammer chinups +55 x5x5x5x5 > +57.5#

Weighted decline pushup +60# x8x8x8 > +65#

Triceps overhead press 88# x8x8x8 > X

Bicep curls 45.5# x8x8x8 > Hold

Close grip chinups +10# x12x12x12 > Hold


It felt really good to get some progression on my chest with my new weights. I was surprised at how easily I pressed 161# and feel like the next 5# added won't be much of a struggle at all. I calculated my rep max % rates and at 3x8 I am working at 77% my 1RM or so, at 4x5 I am working at 85% my 1RM. This is not a whole huge percentage difference I don't know if these rep/set schemes are beneficial together.


I am nixing my overhead tricep raises because they have become awkward and I feel I could hurt myself; I will be subbing them with DB skull crushers.

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I picked up a new journal book. I remember a time when I didn't log my workouts; now it is such a huge part of the experience that I got excited when I got my new log book. I also grabbed a 25# bag of split peas I had ordered. I ate a crap ton today because mom made me rice pudding for Valentine's day, also had a couple grilled cheese sandwiches and 1/8 jar of PB (The small jars) So I think I'll fast later tomorrow. It's pretty much impossible for me to get fat, I might lose a little definition if I go balls out for 1-2 weeks, but that's it. Even since I stopped running I am lifting 6x a week doing 6 1-1.5hr full body workouts; plus manual labor with work 2-3x a week, as well as fasting for 16hr periods. I'M THE GODDAMN BATMAN.


Listening to this:



And drinking coffee. Mmm. Coffee.

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2-15-13 1hr 22 min

1 leg squat 103# 5x5x5x5 > 106#

Lunges 151# x12x12x12 > 156#

Hamstrings 133# 10x10x10 > 138#

Calves 2leg 191# x12x12x12 > 196# or /2

Ab rollers +20# x12x12 > Hold 1 Wk

Hanging abs +20# x12x12 > Hold Wk

Obliques 95.5# x10x10x10 > Hold Wk


I've been feeling a bit tired the past two days. I'm not sure if I'm just tired or becoming a bit over trained from my new routine. I'm going to wait it out a few days and see how I feel. If I do anything I'll just add a 2nd rest day to the week; right after legs. Also kind of tossing around the idea of dropping my light circuit in favor of my heavy circuit because of how close they are % wise to RM. I do feel really strong though.

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2-16-13 1hr 30 min

DB deadlifts 166# x5x5x5x5 > 171#

DB rows 146# x5x5x5x5 > 151#

DB shoulder press 141# x5x5x5x5 > 146#

Weighted Pullups +45# x5x5x5x5 > 47.5#

DB shoulder side raises 2x 63# x10x10x10 > 2x 65.5#

DB shrugs 181# x10x10x10 > 186#

Pullups +10# x12x12x12


I struggled so hard with shoulder presses last week that I clenched my jaw so hard it hurt, this week, no troubles at all. I have a splendid idea for a new routine; I am SUPER excited to implement it.


Resting tomorrow. Starting my new routine Monday.

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Only slept about 8 1/2 hrs last night because I was excited to get up and make french toast and work on my new routine.


I'm combining all of my experimentation over the past few months into a routine I call the schmorgesborg. It'a going to include a bit of low rep, medium rep, high rep, and everything in between; some pyramiding, a bit of an upper/lower split, and a bit of a body building split; mostly focusing on compounds, like usual.


It's going to be...amazing.

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2-18-13 1hr 50 min

DB chest press 151x9x8x5x3 > Hold

Weighted dips +42.5x12x12x12

Weighted chinups +52.5x10x10x10

Weighted decline pushups +55x15x10x15 > Drop to 45 and Hold 1Wk

Tricep kickbacks 23x20 / 43x15 / 50.5x10 > 25.5/45.5/53

Bicep curls 23x20 / 33x15 / 43x10 >

Unladen hammer chinups x15x15x15


Well I started my new routine today; or more correctly I started my newly modified routine. I don't keep changing my routines in case you have not followed me consistently, I am just constantly modifying it and trying to build a better machine. The pyramiding is really fricken nice, I love it. I've also increased my working rep range of my light circuit. The problem is with these extra reps and all the exercises it's fucking destroying me. So I am going to do a bit more tweaking and I should be good for another run. My chest press was a cluster fuck cause I made the mistake of increasing weight and reps, my body just freaked out and said screw that. I should be able to capture 151 in a few weeks once my body gets better at this new rep range. Here is my new routine:





Day A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

4x5 DB Chest Press

2x12 Weighted Decline Pushups

2x8 Weighted Dips

2x5 Weighted Chinup or Hammer Chinup/ Drop 2x12

15/12/8 Triceps Isolation

15/12/8 Biceps Isolation


Day B: Legs/Core

4x10 (5 Ea) Lunges

3x12 Squats

3x12 Hamstrings

3x20 Calves

20/15 Ab Rollers

20/15 Hanging Abs

3x12 Obliques


Day C: Back/Shoulders

4x5 DB Deadlifts

3x10 DB Rows

4x5 DB Shoulder Press

2x5 Weighted Pullups/ Drop 2x12

15/12/8 DB Shoulder Side Raises

3x12 DB Shrugs




Day A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

3x10 DB Chest Press

2x15 Weighted Pushups

2x12 Weighted Dips

2x10 Weighted Chinup or Hammer Chinup/ Drop 2x15

20/15/10 Triceps Isolation

20/15/10 Biceps Isolation


Day B: Legs/Core

3x20 (10 Ea) Lunges

3x15 Squats

3x15 Hamstrings

3x25 Calves

2x15 Ab Rollers

2x20 Hanging Abs

3x15 Obliques


Day C: Back/Shoulders

3x10 DB Deadlifts

3x12 DB Rows

3x10 DB Shoulder Press

2x10 Weighted Pullups/ Drop 2x15

20/15/12 DB Shoulder Side Raises

3x15 DB Shrugs

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French toast is freaking boss. Every Sunday I make pancakes, tofu scramble, or french toast.


2-19-13 1hr 34min

Lunges 146# x20x20x20 > 151#

1 Leg Squats 75# x15x12x12 > Hold (Now a 3x12)

Hamstrings 103# x20x20x20 > X

Calf Raises 126# x20x20x20 > 131#

Ab Rollers +15# x15x15 > Hold (Now a 2x20)

Hanging Abs +15# x15x15 > +20#

Obliques 45.5# x15x15x15 > 50.5#


Routine is still kind of under construction while I tweak things that are kind of jacked. It'll work out; just gonna be another week or two.

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I'm starting a new format to my routine tomorrow, and I tweaked some things. I've not been allowing myself enough rest and I'm feeling the weight of over training. I need to rest today and tomorrow I'm going to pick up where I left off. I modified the format to allow 2 solid scheduled rest days a week instead of going on on on off, on on on off I am following a Mon,Tue,Wed,Thurs,Fri,Sat,Sun schedule.


Here's what I got so far. The pyramiding will help me knock the reps down on light days, and I am sticking with x5 on heavy days. I've also knocked some sets and complete exercises off to shave CNS stress. I've also gone and calculated my theoretical rep weights out for pyramiding days so I am all prepped to jump back in.


Seems like a waste of 2 days, but I was sore mentally and physically and I NEEDED it.





Day A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

4x5 DB Chest Press 166#

2x8 Weighted Dips 60# Or Decline Pushups +65#

4x5 Weighted Chinups +57.5

20/15/10 Tricep Kickbacks 25.5#/45.5#/53#

20/15/10 Bicep Curls 25.5#/35.5#/45.5#


Day B: Legs/Core

4x5 Squats 1L 106#

3x16(8Ea) Lunges 156#

3x20 Hamstrings 103#

3x20 Calf Raises 131#

2x15 Hanging Ab Raises 20# / x20 Ab Rollers 20# / 3x12 Oblique Crunches 50.5#


Day C: Back/Shoulders

4x5 DB Deadlifts 171#

4x5 DB Rows 151#

4x5 DB Shoulder Press 146#

4x5 Weighted Pullups +47.5#

20/15/10 DB Shoulder Side Raises 30.5#/43#/65.5#




Day A: Chest/Biceps/Triceps

12/10/8 DB Chest Press 136#/141#/146#

2x12 Weighted Dips +45# or Decline Pushups +55#

12/10/8 Weighted Chinups +47.5#/52.5#/+55#

20/15/10 Tricep Isolation 25.5#/45.5#/53#

20/15/10 Bicep Isolation 25.5#/35.5#/45.5#


Day B: Legs/Core

3x12 Squats 2L

3x20(10 Ea) Lunges 151#

3x20 Hamstrings 103#

3x20 Calf Raises 136#

2x15 Hanging Ab Raises 20# / x20 Ab Rollers 20# / 3x12 Oblique Crunches 50.5#


Day C: Back/Shoulders

12/10/8 DB Deadlifts 146#/151#/156#

12/10/8 DB Rows 126#/131#/136#

12/10/8 DB Shoulder Press 131#/136#/141#

12/10/8 Weighted Pullups 30#/35#/42.5#

20/15/10 DB Shoulder Side Raises 30.5#/43#/63#


Mon: Chest/Biceps/Triceps Light

Tues: Legs/Core Light Or Heavy

Wed: Back/Shoulders Light

Thurs: Rest

Fri: Chest/Biceps/Triceps Heavy

Sat: Back/Shoulders/Heavy

Sun: Rest

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Back in the game! I lifted today after modifying my chest day and a few tweaks the other days/lifts/set/rep schemes. The problem is, I think, I was hitting my chest with way too much volume. I was doing 3 exercises for my chest. Where as I am doing 3 exercises for my back, pullups, deadlifts, and rows, those exercises target vastly different parts of my back and the load is spread out over a bigger surface area, in my mind, requiring less demand on my CNS. As for my chest, everything is bundled together in close and I was trashing myself with so many exercises and volume; So I shaved an exercise off my chest day, and cut out my drop set of weighted chins, cutting 15 min and a bunch of demand off my chest workout. It feels right! I was going to move away from x8 on my light day to get a higher rep range and different muscle growth and was aiming for a 3x10 or 30 rep scheme, but went with a pyramiding scheme (12/10/8) that meets the same rep/set number for that extra little bit of muscle recruitment variety. I am only doing 12+ on sticky muscles that don't grow easily like calves, biceps, and triceps, and things like hams that I have trouble training because of my lack of equipment. If I do not like the pyramiding, I will go with a solid 3x10, no sweat. As well, I am on a weekly schedule instead of an on/off schedule; dedicating myself 2 rest days per week now.


2-15-13 1hr 15min

DB chest press x5x5x5x5 166# > 171#

Weighted chinups + 57.5# x5x5x5x5 > +60#

Weighted decline pusups + 65# x8x8x8 > +67.5#

Tricep kickbacks 25.5# x20 45.5# x15 53# x10 > 28#/48#/55.5#

Bicep curls 25.5# x20 35.5# x15 45.5# x10 > Hold

Hammer chinups and dips to failure x1

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Rest day today. Made chocolate pancakes and tofu scramble with soy chorizo, peppers, onion, garlic, tomato, and avocado for Sunday breakfast with mom.


Had trouble getting the DBs into position for my shoulders cause my triceps were so trashed. Kinda reconsidering my weekly schedule.

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2-25-13 1hr 15min

DB Chest press 136#x12 /141#10 / 146#x8 > 141# / 146# / 151#

Weighted dips +45# 12x12x12 > +47.5#

Weighted hammer chinups +47.5#x12 / 52.5#x10 / 55#x8

Triceps kickbacks 28#x20 / 48#x15 / 58#x10 > 30.5# / 50.5# / 60.5#

Bicep curls 25.5#x20 / 35.5#x15 / 45.5#x10 > 28# / 38# / 48#

Close grip chinups(x25) and decline pushups(x45) to failure.


It feels real nice. I'm settling into this routine nicely. Shaving just 15 min off each day has helped tremendously. Pyramiding is very sparing for my last set. I love it.

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2-26-13 1HR 23min

2L Squats 101# x12x12x12 > 106# (Moving to a 12/10/8)

Lunges 101# x20x20x20 ( Hold weight, to 3x24(12Ea Leg)

Hamstrings 100# x20x20x20 > 108#

2L Calf raises 141# x20x20x20 > 146#

Ab rollers +20# x15x15 Hanging abs +20# x15x15 > Holding

Obliques 53# x12x12x12 > 63#


Made a few tweaks to legs day. Feeling good as I get my diet under wraps.

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2-27-131hr 15 min

DB Deadlifts 126x12 / 141x10 / 156x8 > 131/146/161

DB Shoulder press 106x12 / 121x10 / 136x8 > 111/126/141

DB Rows 111x12 / 126x10 / 141x8 > 116/131/146

Weighted pullups 30x12 / 35x10 / 42.5x8 > 32.5/37.5/45

DB shoulder side raises 30.5x20 / 43x15 / 63x10 > 33/45.5/Hold

DB shrugs 156x12 166x12x12 > 171

Pullups to failure


Really fricken loving this pyramiding. All the benefits of high rep without frying my CNS. Best of both worlds. I am just adjusting to the high rep rangers. Rest tomororw. Woo.

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3-1-13 1hr 30 min

DB chest press 171 x5x5x5x5 > 176

Weighted decline pushups +67.5 x8x8x8 > +70

Weighted chinups +60 x5x5x5x5 > +62.5

Tricep kickbacks 30.5x20 / 50.5x15 / 60.5x10 > 33/H/H

Bicep curls 28x20 / 38x15 / 48x10 > Hold

Hammer chinups and dips to failure


Lost the DB on my chest press and it rolled off my thumb, hyper extending it, it's sore but not severely injured. I've iced and wrapped it. I will begin my rest week early, most likely. Very proud of my chest press, however. I did it with ease!

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