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wow, it's been ages that I've been in a forum like this


I've already browsed through the place a couple of times, and it really seems to be packed with cool and friendly people.


I'm only 21, but I've been interested in bodybuilding for a couple of years already. However, I never took it too seriously, more of a side hobby, but I've maintained a decent physique through the years. I've had an international upbringing, so i got to travel a lot, experience a lot different cultures, states of mind... All the knowledge I've gathered in my life this far just gave me a kind of push to go vegetarian about a year ago. It was also related to some health problems in my family, so health and fitness is a really big thing to me, and I care about it passionately. It was the thing that gave me the kick. The more I read up on vegetarianism and veganism, i started to move from a mainly health-oriented perspective into ethics. I've always cared about animals, grew up with tons of them around, so this is a no brainer. There was no way I could continue to do anything that contributes to animals getting killed, tortured, enslaved, and the likes of that. Went Vegan a couple of months ago, and it's only been absolutely positive this far.


Now, I've also started taking bodybuilding more seriously, exercise regularly, read up on info, and I think I'm doing pretty well so far.


Hope to meet some nice people here Adios, for now.

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CHEVEYO, welcome to the forum!! This place is an awesome resource and as you can already tell a friendly and supportive community.


It will be nice to watch your passion toward health, veganism and fitness translate into results! Have fun training hard and nice to meet you!


See you on the threads


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Welcome to the team!


Yeah, we've got an old school forum here, which is nearly 10 years old. With Facebook, Twitter, blogs and all kinds of other new platforms for communication, forums like this are probably kind of rare.


We keep sticking around and the community keeps on growing.


Thanks for being part of our team. Keep up the great work training and staying consistent.


All the best and welcome aboard!



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