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Looking for reliable food cal/prot break downs

Feral Vegan

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Im just startin to rebuild my body. 6ft, 70kg.

Have been to a nutritionist who has put me on a 4000cal/day, 40/35/25 split diet, aledgedly giving me 1.5-2g prot/kg body wieght.

I only eat whole foods,protien powder and spring water2-3 litres/day. Vegan ofcourse.

What I want to do is break things down more so I can know better what Im gettin each day.

I can work out callories and prot etc from the back of packets fine but its some whole foods that Im not sure on.


Can anyone recommend a reliable, accurate website for callorie contents, nuitritional break down etc?

Ive used callorie count.com before but is it accurate?

Im not one for guessing and dont want to waste my time.


Peace love and happiness to you all


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